I Do: Nothing Ever Felt Easier to Say (PowerHouseCreatives Contest)

I remember a number of years ago - in reality it was.. well... that doesn't really matter. It was a long time ago. Regardless, I was in my teens, and I had a hard time speaking. It wasn't that I didn't know what to say, I just didn't know how to say it. Whenever I tried to engage in small talk - or large talk, if that's a term - it always just ended up as "mumblejumblebumble."

Why was this a problem? Well, frankly, because it kept me from meeting girls. At least at first. It's hard to meet a girl when you try to introduce yourself to one and verbally trip all over your tongue (and no jokes about a tongue long enough to trip over, please).

Ultimately, finally, I figured out that I should use my strengths to my advantage. I may have a hard time talking, but I could write! Oh could I write. A poet I was! At least in my own mind. What I would do is, to introduce myself to a girl, I'd write her a poem! And smile. I had a good smile once upon a time.

This worked. Eventually. A girl came to understand me. We dated. She liked my written words, even helped to encourage me to write a book! It was fun. We got along. We got married. Somehow I managed to stumble out an "I do." Not the easiest thing to do! I have no idea how I got through all my.. whaddyacallit... my vows. I'm not even sure I did.

Well, that's when everything began to fall apart. She was awful for me. I was awful for her. We argued. We fought. She cheated on me! She moved out. I moved out. We both moved out, it doesn't matter. We split. I hated her. Then we filed for divorce.

We ended up back in front of a judge who asked me if I really, really wanted to divorce this woman. "I do," I said clear as day.

Nothing ever felt easier to say

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Oh my, I did not know what direction this was going! It was kind of a whirlwind story, but I suppose you might not want to dwell on the past! Hopefully things are better for you now. Good luck in the contest!

19.10.2019 05:39

I may have to do a post on it, but perhaps it is the institution of marriage that is/was broken. When 50% crash and burn and another 25 % of the remainder are less than happy, something seems wrong.

Great share.

19.10.2019 06:04

Great information thanks for share. I enjoy your content.

19.10.2019 08:50

what kind of contest ia this webe?
Feelings alone can't be considered that you and that person will work out. The most important in relationship is you both understand each other. Serious fight will end up breaking up. But it's not bad experience I think because you'll learn from it.

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19.10.2019 09:05

Hi @mrnightmare89! @zord189 runs a contest for the PHC group. There is a 'contests' channel in the Discord that has all the details. I think you should have access to it if you're interested.

19.10.2019 13:10

Oh my goodness...you certainly can write @wwwiebe! Now we just want to hear the rest of the story! :)

20.10.2019 01:28

Hah! I think we'll need to wait for the next contest. ;) Thank you!

21.10.2019 23:03

Woah. A dream to nightmare. not the way we envision our love lives to be.
How you wrote it all was how your words and "lack of" made it powerful. Well done! 👏🙌

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21.10.2019 00:35

Thanks very much! Being under a time limit sure helped.

21.10.2019 23:04

Great story!!! How many of us have a similar story to tell? I was just talking to a friend about this, who knew as she said the first "I do" she was making a huge mistake and yet she did it. When we're young we don't understand so much of what is to come. I see young people making this mistake and am so sad for them. But a lesson learned is a good thing.

21.10.2019 15:22

Youth is truly wasted on the young. They just have no sense of permanency yet and really don't understand dedication or consequence. Thanks for stopping by!

21.10.2019 23:08

You did a great job telling this story, with humor in the right places and a great ending. Awesome job even if you weren't doing it under pressure; but since you were, it's twice as good!

21.10.2019 21:36

Thank you very much! I went back to the most dangerous writing app for a different idea and it is brutal!

21.10.2019 23:09

Haha! Well I don't normally like divorces but I think this one was a blessing! Very clever and funny stuff sir wwwiebe! She was right about your writing though!

24.10.2019 05:51

Awesome result, Victor! This makes for an excellent bit of flash fiction, and I definitely didn't see the end coming - nicely done! And congrats on placing first in the contest... hoping I can add to your prize pool by saying...

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24.10.2019 22:17