Greta Thunberg - “If We Can Save the Banks, Then We Can Save the World”

No we are not making this up, this is indeed a direct quote from Thunbergs own lips.

At an event in New York City on Monday night with author and environmentalist Naomi Klein, Greta Thunberg had a simple message for those who claim it is “too expensive” to fix climate change, her answer is to save the very evil entities that are responsible for 99% of the Worlds problems, the Banks.

“If we can save the banks, we can save the world.”

Greta's talk comes just days before millions of people are expected to take to the streets and protest for their own enslavement on September 20th for global climate change protests. As usual you can expect lots of people to be gluing themselves to trains and preaching to others about things they know very little about.

Getting back to the comment on banks just briefly, saving the Banks is obviously not the answer. However, the banking system does play a vital role in the problems we face in this World, if we were to just remove them entirely, or at least the corrupt fiat monetary system they created then maybe we can make a real difference. What Greta is not understanding is that money itself is worthless, it is a merely a belief system designed to control the majority population, i.e you and I. The World has been commoditised by people with power and this current climate change agenda is more of the same. It will lead to further commoditisation of the environment, everything from the air you breath, rain water and sunlight, through to your ability to travel, right to electricity and size of property.

You can watch Greta Thunberg and Naomi Klein in the New York City event below, courtesy of The Intercept:

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Fuck this kid, I don't listen to children about anything!

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16.09.2019 18:46

She's a parrot repeating what idiot adults tell her. A kid "activist" lecturing the world out of her extensive diplomas and experience in life!?... I thought I've seen it all.

18.09.2019 05:06

The media is trying to paint this as something organic, she's actually the daughter of a famous opera singer, who’s known for spewing social justice nonsense. Typical of the media it's some contrived bullshit promulgating the lefts climate religion.

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18.09.2019 12:03

Screw them and their social justice cult.

18.09.2019 16:24