@WRITEANDEARN Now an Official Partner to #GoldencenserChallenge || More MARLIANS Rewards to Participants

It is no more news that the @Steemchurch powered #Goldencenserchallenge hosted weekly has come to Stay on the Steem blockchain. This is one value-filled contest which is second to none on the blockchain.

Entry conditions for #Goldencenserchallenge are easy and simple and amazingly, everyone who participates turns out to be a winner.

The Goldencenser challenge is value-filled because it adds a spiritual blessing to the financial received in the course of the contest.

What is Goldencenser ?

"Goldencenser" is a contract created by @Sirknight which allows a user to receive the exact amount of HEARTs sent to it but with a value-added Word. The added word is of great value because they are drawn from the scripture and it edifies the spirit, soul and body.

What is Goldencenser Challenge?

Goldencenserchallenge is a weekly contest hosted by brother @Maxdevalue for parishioners and friends of @STeemchurch community who own Telos accounts and are ready to transact the native token of Steemchurch -Beatitudes (HEARTs) on the Telos blockchain.

To participate in the upcoming 12th edition of Goldencenser challenge, endeavour to follow @Maxdevalue, @Writeandearn to get update and contest prompts which usually comes on Sunday within the first 2 hours on GMT+1.

While Brother @Maxdevalue will eb making a call for the the weekly challenge, @Wrtiteearn will also make a follow-up prompt to help participants to earn more rewards.

The additional work that will be expected is for participants to share a proof of their work as comment under @Writeandearn's post to earn 100% love curation.

So far, we hold 11,000 MARLIANS stake and hope to have this value increased to 20,000 before the expiration of Goldencenser challenge 12. It will be a win-win for all participants.

Moreover, other Steem-engine tokens will be staked to all winners at the end of the contest.

We really appreciate brother Mas for the much effort he is putting in to ensure that the Goldencenser keeps burining. Thanks to our leader @Sirknight and love to this woman of valour @Darlenys01 for all their sacrifices for @Steemchurch.

God bless everyone.

Let's keep praying and be hopeful, @Writeandearn is beginning to stage our its vision to the blessings of all.



Our daily curation report will begin and we will love to share insights of the great messages that carry FREEDOM, LOVE and FAMILIES.

Thanks to @Sirknight, and @Darlenys01 who are at the fore of creating space for blessings of @Steemchurch parishioners. You form the bais for the inspiration that @Writeandearn has.

Thanks to @Surpassinggoogle for his unquantified celebration of humanity and the pieces of US.


1. Follow @writeandearn

2. Delegate SP to @writeandearn

5000 SP 2000 SP 1000 SP 500 SP 200 SP
100 SP 50 SP 20 SP 10 SP 5 SP

3. Join the Curation Trail

4. Resteem our submissions for wider reach.


@writeandearn is determined to raise and build writers and innovators.
@writeandearn will take STEEM to bookshops and libraries.
@writeandearn will make you earn from your blog beyond 7 days of post payout.


@writeandearn Foundation is the founded by Uyobong Mbaba with support from other investors in Uyo. @uyobong holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Agricultural Engineering. He is a teacher, researcher and Brand Imager/Creative Director at Gracefield Creative Resources, Uyo, Nigeria. @Uyobong loves God and is a Christian and a dedicated member of the @Steemchurch.

He is working tirelessly with his team of creative trainees at The Creativity Hub to give hope to the youths by getting them off the streets and equipping them with valuable life skills.


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Much thanks 🙏🏽 for your decision to partner with us.

SteemChurch is a family of love, faith and freedom, our parishioners are hereby encouraged to work continuously on the liberty 🗽 received!

Posted via Marlians.com

27.09.2019 01:05

Excellent initiative to strengthen participation in the Goldencenser contest. God reward you and bless you abundantly.

27.09.2019 16:06