BYTOM - Scary Surprise!

BYTOM - Scary Surprise!

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Building an interactive protocol of multiple byte assets is not something most people will worry about all that much. Looking a bit more into this project, it becomes evident Bytom focuses on creating heterogeneous byte-assets which operate in different forms on the Bytom blockchain. Additionally, there’s a focus on atomic assets – dividends, bonds, etc. – which can be registered, exchanged, and engaged with in the form of contract-based operations using Bytom. Bridging the gap between digital information and real-world information is a noble venture, assuming there is a market for it.

It is evident that Bytom is one of the more technical projects in existence right now. There are three different layers: a data transaction and transmission layer, the contract layer, and the asset interaction layer. Moreover, the Bytom blockchain uses a general address format which supports multiple currencies. Similar to most other cryptocurrencies in existence, a combination of public and private keys allows users to store their assets in a safe and secure manner. Assets issued and digitized on the Bytom blockchain are named using the Open Data Index name system, which should help make their names unique enough.

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