Greetings football lovers,

About 6 months ago, this community was created to create a safe space and converge people who share a passion for the game of football, to be able to create and promote good contents about the sport here in this community. I quite remember, we started off with just a few active members including @theatrorve and @marcybetancourt who have been with us from the very beginning and are now part of the moderation team.

For many members, it has been a learning journey as they have learnt how create great contents with the help of our pinned tutorials. These were meant to provide them with relevant information and guidance so as to not breach any rules we have set up from the very beginning including ; observation of content ettiquette and where to obtain copyright-free images

An excerpt from the introduction post of the community can be seen below clearly spelling out the rules each member is to abide by, while sharing contents within our community.

Introduction Post & Guidelines

Initially, it was quite difficult to get members to abide strictly by the rules so we took time to guide them in order for them to fully understand how the system worked here. But the reality is that we get newcomers in our community on a daily basis who need this guidance.

For this reason, we were quite lenient on this matter and gave a grace period for members to learn and be accustomed to our norms and traditions.

However, there is now a change in approach: All newcomers are to read this post before sharing any content in the community as stated in the poster of this article.


All posts within our community must be original, copyright-free and void of any abuse as indicated in our community guidelines above. Various guidelines have already been provided to assist users on how to go about this. Visit the provided links for further instructions;

Effective immediately, any user found guilty of plagiarism or content abuse will be banned from this community and place on the "muted" status, after which they can no longer share any content here.

Already two users namely ; @sabirr004 and @moneymakeonline have been banned out of this community.


We hope that this will serve as a deterrent to all the prospective content abusers and will put a stop to this very bad habit we have experienced among a few users.

If it can't be done without content abuse, it must not be done at all.

Many thanks to @steemcurat01 (the steemit team) who have shown as enormous support and guidance throughout our journey with this community. I really appreciate your love and generous support.

Thank you for your attention


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I fully agree with the disciplinary measures.

The content of texts in this community (and in any steemit and real life community) must be original - no plagiarism.

As for the images used it has been repeated hundreds of times that they should be in the public domain.


Yo estoy totalmente de acuerdo con las medidas disciplinarias.

El contenido de los textos en esta comunidad (y en cualquier comunidad de steemit y de la vida real) deben ser originales - sin plagio.

En cuanto a las imágenes utilizadas se ha repetido cientos de veces que deben ser de dominio público.

08.03.2021 20:37

Good to forward to. We are always with @wordoffootball

08.03.2021 22:44

I agree greatly with the disciplinary measures. Just to add a little to it. You can use this site to access free copyrighted images for your post.

08.03.2021 22:52

Thanks for the update!

I believe these penalties will help in curtailing misbehaviours.

10.03.2021 10:45

Excelente información para mantenerse al día en la comunidad. Saludos y buen trabajo.

10.03.2021 22:33

I just joined this community, and I have long understood about palgiat. I just found out that there is a football community on Steemit. Should I introduce myself first or post immediately for the first time in this community?

11.03.2021 12:01

Thanks for the guidelines, i am happy to be here.

15.04.2021 10:11



Greetings to all steemit, I hope you had a wonderdul day.
Honestly, from the look of things, football game in European nation has become a serious matter in the continent.
What I mean is this, you will notice what I am telling you from the international friendly matches that is been played yesterday and today, there is no longer a small team in football world today, it has become a difficult thing to say this is small team and big team.

A friendly match that use to have a lots of goals before, but this days the most you can see is, 1 1,1 0, or highest 2 0.
This is telling you to espect a difficult match this term there will be no easy team to beat, all team need to prepare in other to. be able to stand their oponet.

02.06.2021 21:33