Changing to Eco-Investments

I haven't been using this account as much as I wanted to and I wanna change that.
I wanna use this account to fund some Eco-investmemts!
So all steem or sbd will be going to these investment projects On and Outside of the steem ecosystem.

That means that I want this account to be automatically posting a post every Sunday and update on what projected been invested in, the amount of steem and usd and maybe shares/tokens of that investment.
There is a few projects I like on this steem blockchain which would be a neat start :)
e.g @solairitas and the EcoVillages project by @eco-alex.
Also investment in trees, where I have to take the steem out and put it into crypto for trees and other tree investments

Ps. I have no idea to code a bot and if its hard to do so within Steem xD

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