What Do You See... A 5 Minute Freewrite

Northwest corner of Eca. Map created by @worldbuilder

King Torumon exited his tent just behind his generals. He was walking with the confidence of a man with a plan. A plan he knew would succeed. The generals led him up the slope of a low hill so they could survey the town before him. The town of Korul that lay below him was on the coast of the Orumantic Ocean in the country of Lygeniana on the northwest corner of Eca. The small town looked peaceful from a distance, but Torumon could tell this was a town prepared for battle. None of the chimneys had smoke coming from them, and after last night's frost, he suspected it may be because the citizens have been evacuated, leaving only the fighters and the fit behind.

"We attack in two hours." He turned to one of the officers behind him. "Tell the other officers to be ready. We hit hard and fast. You know what to do."

"Sire," the man snapped to attention then quickly spun on his heels. As he sprinted away, Torumon smiled to himself as he heard shouting in the distance; "We attack at noon!"

Oh geez, oh geez. I know that I can keep going after the buzzer, but I happened to accomplish exactly what I wanted to do with only 7 seconds to spare!

I will be stopping the scene here, though because I just made a lot of work for myself. King Torumon is the former elven king of Totiva. Totiva is a large, peaceful country in the northwest of Eca, the continent on which my stories and TTRPGs take place. Lygeniana, at one point, was Totivian territory but broke away in years past. Now, Lygeniana is facing a rebellion and the king of Lygeniana has asked for King Torumon's assistance in regaining control of his realm. The rebellion is squashed in the small town of Korul later that day, and the rebels are sent to work in a new mine being built. A mine that later would provide Lygeniana with enough gold to be one of the most wealthy countries on the planet. I will continue more worldbuilding in my personal time.

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28.01.2020 19:00

You did make yourself a lot of work there. But so cool that you accomplished what you wanted in the 5 minutes!!

29.01.2020 05:30

My favorite part about this challenge is that it's NEVER just 5 minutes of writing hehe.

29.01.2020 12:15

What a good idea to use the prompts to develop stories for your little world.....but you may want to reconsider when you see today's prompt is:

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29.01.2020 15:11

Already finished, just want to add some more backstory before I post it. :D

29.01.2020 17:32

29.01.2020 16:26

Interesting, suspenseful, and well-written freewrite!
I look forward to more from the world of Totiva, "a large, peaceful country in the northwest of Eca, the continent on which my stories and TTRPGs take place."

30.01.2020 17:19

I've nominated this for the Friday Favorites. :)

30.01.2020 17:32