Nonsense Non Sense On Sense - No Sense

Contest you please enter that
'Cause I'm fortunate I met your cat

It found the door above my knee
And settled there for you to see

It wasn't meant to make you jelly
That green envy leaves you smelly

I do this right, I kinda hope
Because there was only just one note

Nonsense you said
Make it come from your head

Flow it like water from a mountain to sea
Guide it ever so ge-e-ently

It's hard to tell it where to go
You plan and plan and then; "Ooh, snow!"

I took some from your house, don't kick.
It's 'cause I live in Igloolik.

There are no igloos here but stone
Igloo only just means home.

Now enter contest just like me
Make us proud and maybe make 3!*

Courtesy of

*Please note the maximum amount of entries for the contest is actually 2. There was more than one note, it turns out....

Challenging! Wow, I don't even think I made it nonsensical enough hehe.

We are running a Contest with over 50 Steem in total prizes!
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Comments 9

It is good if you ask me, .though it all made sense to me.

!trdo 💕

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07.02.2020 08:25

:/ I agree. I managed to make the tangents nonsensical but there's still something there that's... readable...

07.02.2020 13:19

@worldbuilder Some readable is good too it makes it more realistic and that's a trick you should not underestimate.
We all have our own way. It's great. 💕Posted with ![](

10.02.2020 07:46

Thanks! It's actually one of the very few entries that have gone for a nursery rhyme style - fantastical without being deeply insane. :-)


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09.02.2020 02:51

Very very nice. iglooick is a great word. Dr Zeuss would be proud of this.

12.02.2020 18:51