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Please note, this is an introduction post, just done a bit differently. Below the map and description is the actual introduction. Thank you.

The Trover Farmhouse

This is a beginning quest aimed at allowing the players of your game to do some quick smashy smashy on some bandits. The enemies within the farmhouse are simple bandits that took over the farmhouse to recuperate for a while before moving on to a different area. The leader of the bandits isn’t special or different from the others. He just happens to be the most charismatic at persuading his companions to go along with his plans. He has also brought along his wife, sort of like a medieval Bonny and Clyde. But she is also a bandit through and through and won’t hesitate to attack the party.

The Trover farmhouse is a well-known farm from a modest family. They worked hard to get what they had and now it’s all been taken by bandits. A week ago the bandits attacked and killed the father of the Trover family in the front room. The rest of the Trover family fled to the nearby inn. The eldest son saw the party enter the inn they sought refuge in and approached the players. He asked the party to remove the bandits from their premises so the Trovers can take back their farmhouse and continue their work. The family left in a rush, and they were not able to gather any of their belongings, but Mother Trover told the party where the family stashed their gold as a form of payment.

1- A low one-story building made of rough untreated wood stands at the end of a narrow walking path leading up from the road leading to the town of Gilan to the west. The cedar shake roof tiles were moss-covered but in good repair, smoke rising lazily from the chimney. The south wall of the building had no windows, only a dull gray door marked this as the front entrance.

2- The front foyer opens to a wide front room that turns north down a hallway. The floors are dark from years of boots traversing the oak planks but a large dark-red stain dominated the floor. The walls are draped in crude tapestries and needlework. One of the better examples depicts a windmill on a field of wheat. Lifting the corner of another tapestry and blowing his nose into the red fabric is a bandit wearing rough leather armor over a green tunic. He looks at you startled and reaches for his shortsword, charging forward shouting a loud bellow.

If the adventurers are quiet and quick at dispatching this bandit his fellow companions ignore his shouts, thinking it’s just more sneezing from his cold. The bandit possesses poor quality armor and weapons but has 7 copper and 3 silver coins on him as well as 3 throwing daggers.

3-Opening the door you see a dark-robed figure standing straight ahead rummaging through a dresser. She quickly slams the drawer shut, knocking a candle to the floor. The room contains two dressers side by side, and a large four-post bed flanked by bedside tables that held matching lanterns. The glass cover of one lantern was half broken.

The robed figure is either taking an item out of the dresser if she is unaware of the adventuring party or quickly trying to hide the item if she is aware that the party is in the farmhouse. The candle can be lit and start the house on fire if you so choose. The hidden item is a gold necklace with blue sapphires dangling on small gold bars worth 150 gp. The rest of the contents of both dressers is clothing. Each end table contains a gold wedding band worth 10 gp each. Under the bed, tucked against one of the back bedposts is a pouch of coins containing 50 gold pieces and 75 silver pieces. This is the stashed gold Mother Trover told the party about back at the Inn

4- The small bedroom housed two well-made desks and four not-well made beds. The room stunk of dirty men and accordingly, on the far wall of the room was a bandit sleeping on his mattress.

This room simply contains the beds of the bandits and the desks of the Trover residents. The desks are simple tabletops and have no drawers to hide any items in. The sleeping bandit possesses 22 silver coins and 38 copper pieces in a coin purse dangling from his hip, clearly visible to any party member that succeeds a perception check of 10.

5- The kitchen area is warm from the fires roaring in the oven. The room is empty of occupants but stuffed full with supplies and barrels of mead. The northwest corner held many different crates full of sacks of wheat flour, sugar, baking powder, and various other baking ingredients. The south of the room is dominated by a large countertop stretching 10 feet into the room. There is also an oven and water sink combination. Useful for heating dishwater while cooking a meal.

The kitchen doubles as a storeroom for the Trover family and was in the process of being stocked for the winter. While it contains many goods and is valuable to a grocer, it is of little value to a party working from job to job.

6- The banquet hall was the pride of the Trover family. They enjoyed hosting parties for the other families that lived in the area and dedicated a large chunk of their home to that by making a room that contained a fifteen-foot table and benches. Along the north wall was a cabinet containing various instruments and a small bar in the northwest corner with a door small for servants to quickly swap out pitchers of refreshments from the kitchen without having to leave the room. From the doorway of the room, you can see a big, mean-looking bandit sitting at the head of the table.

Sitting with that big meanie (who is the husband to the robed woman in the 3rd room) is 3 more bandits, just out of sight of the players. They all rush to attack the players when they are noticed. Loot in this room is GM discretion, with the big item being a +1 longsword of non-descript heritage

The party returns to the inn to let the family know that they have dispatched all the bandits. The Trover family is gushing with gratefulness and quickly start to pack their belongings so they can return to their farmhouse and try to put this disastrous week behind them.

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Hello, we are Worldbuilder, we are a couple of worldbuilding fanatics that want to help foster the growth of the worldbuilding community on the Steem blockchain. Worldbuilding is the art of constructing an imaginary world for use in telling stories, playing tabletop games, or even developing a video game world. This can range from general map-making to actually figure out the tectonic plates of your world. (Or if the tectonic plates are still active!) You can get all nutty creating a whole pantheon of gods and goddesses. You can create your own currencies. You, or maybe a collaboration of you and some friends, work to design dungeons, towns, temples, cities, countries, kingdoms. And we are here to celebrate you.

Us, the worldbuilders work tirelessly to develop and foster many aspects of the worlds we write and play in and a lot of the times our work goes unnoticed. Unappreciated. Unused. Other ‘un’ words. The @worldbuilder account aims to rectify that situation as much possible on the steem blockchain by supporting and promoting writers and storytellers creating a reality for their dreams to exist upon.

WBT Logo.png

We plan on supporting the worldbuilding on steemit in several ways. First, we have created a Worldbuilding community utilizing the new community features on the beta platform. Second, we have created a Worldbuilding Token on the Steem-Engine platform to give as gifts to worldbuilders and writers. Third, and last, we are working to develop contests aimed at fostering the areas worldbuilders excel at. Map making, character design, the creation of items, magical and otherwise, etc.

Please join the Worldbuilding Community and follow @worldbuilder for more information about contests to follow. We are new to Steemit and the crypto world and look forward to fostering a wonderful community of D&D nerds, writers, tabletop game masters, and artists that are creating worlds. The account @worldbuilder and the Worldbuilding community is run by users @lacking and @oblivioncubed

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