Crazy Eyes - A 5 Minute Freewrite

Crazy-Eyes is a tavern in the Neti port city of Aluru that services the darker elements of the city. Cutthroats and thieves are the dominant patrons of this dark, smelly hole in the wall. Many adventurers end up on their asses outside the doors of the bar. Which is preferable for the tavernkeeper, a large and imposing female Orc known only as Crazy-Eyes. Upon meeting the strong woman, the nickname becomes apparent. Her eyes had but one color to it, a deep purple. There was no sign of a pupil nor any way to tell when she was looking you in the eye. But she most definitely could see, snatching coins thrown at her out of the air, and sliding mugs of ale across the bar with the precision only a master of their craft can pull off.


The tavern hosts many backdoor activities. From poker to knucklebones, gambling was allowed in the backrooms of the building, although the city guard would prefer they wouldn't and regularly enter the establishment to break up the gambling rings. There is also a fence that can be found at any time within the Crazy-Eyes Tavern. Someone who can pay you for those earrings you just stole.

The Crazy-Eyes Tavern is an excellent location for the less savory party members to go to in order to find out secrets from the underbelly of the city without spooking the citizens at the higher class establishments like the Crooked Noose or Five Fists. But be careful when entering Crazy-Eyes because you do not want to cross the wrong patron.

Just a small description of a tavern I hope to feature in my fantasy world. I should work to develop Crazy-Eyes the person better as well. I like the idea of idiotic customers treating an orc as if it's blind when it can probably see better than you and I.

The last 5 Minute freewrite; Bonus.
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04.02.2020 14:15

This is a brilliant use of the prompt! I have got to remember to try something like this myself! Very well done. I love the image I get of Crazy-Eyes and her establishment.

04.02.2020 14:27

Thank you, I thought it might be a unique take on the prompt a day trend. Depending on the prompts you could probably re-work them to be magical items or fantastical beasts. OR maybe the thing that slays fantastical beasts... like feeding Brussel Sprouts to a Purple Worm. >:D

It was your using the prompts as character names that gave me the idea to use it for buildings and the likes lol.

04.02.2020 15:39

hahaha That's freaking awesome. I'm glad that my NPC Generator idea prompted you to be inspired to make a map as the challenge. It's an avenue I would've never considered and definitely opens up some really neat new options of - like you said - items, etc. Very rad!

04.02.2020 15:48

Love your descriptions and World Building - you're a master!
Have you read "Thick as Thieves" by Ken Lizzi? It opens with a retired soldier working as a bouncer for a tavern similar to this one. Great novel, great author. You'll be publishing soon I hope? If I miss the news when it happens, be sure to ping me!

04.02.2020 15:46

No publishing for me in the near future, I've barely just begun hehe. I haven't read Thick as Thieves before, but will definitely be checking it out. Not sure if it shares the same tones as Terry Pratchett, but my favorite characters from his books were always the Night Watch guards. Thank you for the kind words.

04.02.2020 16:25

Are you sure you are world building or being word builder? Such an awesome way of interpreting the prompt!

04.02.2020 15:54

I often struggle with names, so having a prompt do it for me is awesome! Thanks!

04.02.2020 16:26

I believe the prompts help every one of us (freewriters). It's easier to create something from something than from nothing. Welcome :)

04.02.2020 17:43

Nice background to a location and the owner. I think you worked the prompt pretty good, I love the thought of the purple eyes no pupils that kind of make her seem blind.

04.02.2020 20:56

Very well written @worldbuilder, you made this tavern come alive and it's hostess and what goes on there, I am glad you continue to build your fantasy world, it's awesome.

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