Bonus - A 5 Minute Free Write

Bonus.... is a now defunct site that I used to play games on as a kid. It was full of old flash games, like Newgrounds, except safe for work. Or in our case at the time, safe for school.

So many great games on that site. But now it's all gone. Childhood nostalgia wiped away. I haven't been able to find some of the games anywhere else and other people haven't either. It's rather disappointing that stuff can disappear off the internet so easily. I'm glad the blockchain is here and working to change that.

After, I found which is a site run by EA full of free games as well. Lots have multiplayer functionality, like 8-ball pool or chess. There was also roulette and other casino games. But there were fun ones like bowling and poppit too.

The last 5 Minute freewrite, #832; tick-tock.
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Of course the older you get the more stuff you see disappearing. I'm of an age now that there must be 50 things I used to love that have gone by the wayside. Fortunately, my memory is so poor I can't remember any of them;)

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