What is Woonkly?

Revolutionizing the way we think about ads with the use of blockchain

 Woonkly introducces a game-changing innovation in the traditional advertising and communication chain. Advertisers profit from direct contact with their audience. For instance, reducing the costs of publicity, going viral at a budget, and improving conversion rates are just a few of the benefits.&nbbsp;

 Moreover, reoving intermediaries from the equation means that the viewers receive tokens (WOONK, already available on LAToken). They earn according to the content visualization, i.e., they are rewarded for their time spent watching the videos they want! There is no other platform offering automated earnings to their audience this way. 

The Problem with Adsds

 First ofll, we should review what is wrong with the advertisements nowadays. As a regular internet user, I see ads every day. They are ubiquitous in almost any website, platform, and mobile application. Long gone are the days when you could skip ads in mobiles!

This massification of ads is not only invasive but also so disturbing it takes a toll on the user experience. Almost any popular platform suffers from this issue because brands pay a fortune for publicity. Thus, any ecosystem with thousands of users is tempted to introduce ads. 

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In the past, you could skip most banners with adblocker tools, but there is a trend to avoid such plugins, add-ons, and so on. Even newspapers are plagued with unskippable ads these days. Therefore, you must watch the ads — at least some seconds of them — before you can click on skip or close.

Such is the case of YouTube, one of the most popular online video and streaming platforms. Of course, you can pay for YouTube Premium to avoid ads for a monthly fee. So, in a nutshell, this platform makes income to allow ads for brands and gets money from subscriptions, one of its perks being the cutdown of ads. However, that short clip a premium user does not see, a free user will have to watch. See the win-win for the business?

How much of their revenue is shared with their audience? Is there any way a user can make money by watching ads or videos on their platform? Double no. Similar issues appear when we take a look at how other popular streaming sites work (Twitch, Facebook, Periscope, and the list goes on).

Woonkly shows up to change the way we conceive ads in the current web. 

The Solution is Woonkly

So, how does Woonkly solve the problem in the ads industry? 

Here is the key: automatizing the whole advertisement cycle and rewarding your audience at the same time. Watching the ads on Woonkly is a win-win and a sustainable approach — for all the parties. On one side, the advertiser reaches an audience composed of people interested in their products/services. On the other side, the audience gets the best out of their time by receiving tokens for their dedication. 

The Woonkly platform has an all-in-one dashboard to manage your tokens, ads, and more. Thus, you can readily fuel your campaigns with WOONK, withdraw earnings, deposit ETH, etc. The upcoming 2.0 version will revamp the functionalities adding more awesome features to make your experience seamless. 

Hunting POCs on Woonkly

Catching POCs is one of the main activities to interact with the platform. Users who watch videos need to pay attention to the custom images that show up while the content is being played. To catch a POC (proof of click), you need to click on the moving image.

The POC dynamic keeps the viewer’s attention high while adding a level of interaction with the videos. It’s like killing two birds with one stone: Woonkly makes sure the viewer does not play the video and walks away, they earn tokens by watching the content. The more POCs you get, the more revenue you can gather. Easy and fun!&nbssp;<

By removing the middlemen, the platform can afford to pay back part of their revenue to their audience. To make it transparent, Woonkly used the blockchain to account for the whole process. Moreover, crypto payments are a flexible way to make any transaction instantaneous regardless of the amount with small fees. 

Who else pays you for watching ads every day, and interacting socially, out there? I’d say nobody else has such an automated ecosyste/p>

The Econ The Economic Model

Any user can watch videos through the Woonkly platform to catch POCs that appear randomly. These small images are clickable and make it possible to check the attention of the viewer live. It’s a rather simple solution to avoid bots and automated replays.

The amount of tokens you will receive is proportional to the POCs you click on while watching the videos. Woonkly earns money by distributing ads, and the users get a part of the revenue of the platform for helping it work. The whole process is completely transparent! 

What’s more, users can make free use of their tokens, either to generate passive income, pay for their own campaigns, or withdraw. Campaigns can only be funded with WOONK tokens. In case of doubt about how to purchase WOONK, please check our guide about Woonkly listed on the LAToken exchange.

Besides, the Woonkly Share token (WST) program incentivizes token holders to aim for the long term, achieving a sustainable passive stream of income. Users can convert 100,000 WOONK tokens into 1 WST to obtain passive income. Each WST corresponds to 0.01% of the Company (Woonkly Ltd. under the laws of Estonia), therefore its growth benefits every WST holder.

This status comes along with additional pluses in the updated Woonkly 2.0 platform still under development. 

Technical Solution

Woonkly relies on state-of-the-art technology to improve the user experience. On one side, there is the blockchain to provide the security and transparency of a decentralized network. On the other side, there is the streaming platform which is embedded in the ecosystem. Thanks to the native token, WOONK, that pays for each interaction, the ecosystem synergizes.

There is also a wallet, a campaign builder, and more features to come with the 2.0 version of the ecosystem. Woonkly is leading in innovation to improve the way we interact with ads, creating a more balanced and sustainable cycle for all the participants in the ecosystem. All thanks to blockchain and the latest technology available for online video streaming platforms.

More awesome perks coming soon. Stay tuned for updates! 

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