Another plan underway

So got a new project that I'm going to be working on this week. It's another plan from the Weekend Workshop course run by Steve Ramsey.

One of the things that is needed to be done for this plan however is work on the size of the unit. The plans are 2.4m high but at its worst (and exactly where I want to put it) my workshop is only 1.9m. So this has necessitated the need to reduce the size of the shelf unit to 1.8m. I'm doing this in a different way to the plans as well.

I'm making the shelves 250 and 200mm distance but I might need to adjust these sizes as well depending on the size of the plunge router and jigsaw inserts to the Triton Workcentre that I'm using. I'm pretty confident that they will be of smaller size but I'll get around to measuring soon.

Costing is kind of a pain. If I go the route that is used in the course then I'm looking at close to $300 for a workshop shelf so that's a bit ridiculous. Instead I'm going to be using plywood. This has generated a need for a cutlist and to do this I use this site:

Cutlist Optimiser

It's a sweet site. You generate a list of the cuts you need verses the sheets you have in stock (or will have in stock) and it will generate a plan for the most efficient use of the sheets based on the kerf (the width of the teeth of your saw blade).

Using this site I worked out that I could build the entire shelf system with 4 sheets of 1200 x 600 x 18mm plywood. These sheets fit super nice in my car and a easy to work with so I go this route often.

To make it work with the smaller height though I am going to need to develop a new set of plans and so I will be using Fusion 360 to do this.

I'm really looking forward to this project. It will give me room to move in the shop by storing a lot of gear out of the way.

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