Best Place of Weekly Choice in this Week

Best Place of Weekly Choice in this Week

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Visiting the Kutasari village which is part of the Purbalingga Regency can certainly be an alternative for your vacation that is from outside the city. Purbalingga Regency has several vacation and resting destinations, as well as sports and eating places.


Some interesting places in the Purbalingga region are:


As for one of the sports places in the form of swimming is the Tirto Asri Walik Swimming Pool which I have reviewed in the following link :
Tirto Asri walik


The place to eat that I will be sharing right now is the one that is near the Tirto Asri Walik Swimming Pool, Upo Upik. A restaurant that is beautiful, simple, but offers special and delicious food.


Indeed, I have reviewed this Upik Duo about six months ago in this link : Duo Upik , but this review will include more up-to-date photos.

Screenshot 2020-02-02 15.28.59.png

Duo Upik located at Dusun II, Kutasari, Purbalingga Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. From downtown Purbalingga, to get to this place we can use a vehicle in the form of public transportation with route number 9.

Screenshot 2020-02-02 15.28.44.png

You can follow this link to visiting this place :


As one of the food vendors, Duo Upik has its own special features. For one thing, this place is themed fish ponds. This means that the entire hut stands on a beautiful fish pond. The view of the fish pond while we enjoy food becomes its own specialty.


The main menu in this place is in the form of Gurameh Fish with various choices of cooking methods. We can choose fried or grilled gurameh. Then in addition to the choice of typical gouramy food, then we will also be spoiled with vegetables in the form of water spinach.


The food menu at this place is very delicious.


Today, at Duo Upik for one serving of Gurameh Bakar for IDR 75,000, Rice for IDR 18,000, Cah Kangkung 15,000, Lalapan 2,000, and two cups of ice tea for IDR 10,000 with a total expenditure of IDR 120,000. At least togetherness with family is more than anything. And, the moment this time is to celebrate the birthday of my instructor yesterday on February 1, and it can only be celebrated by eating with family and children on holidays.


Perhaps you intend to visit Purbalingga and plan to do swimming activities, the Renang Tirto Asri Walik Swimming Pool can be your destination destination to then be able to enjoy a meal at Duo Upik before or after your swimming and vacation activities with family.

Restaurant Information

Lesehan Ikan Bakar Duo Upik
Dusun II, Kutasari, Kabupaten Purbalingga, Jawa Tengah 53361, Indonesia

Best Place of Weekly Choice in this Week
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