Spreading the milk.

Let me ask you a question...

How do you see Steemit?
As a differentiated social media platform or just a place where you can make money through cryptocurrencies?
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I'll take a guess and say that like most users, trying to make money here is a priority, so... The answer would be the second option, right? Okay, there’s no problem with that, it's not a crime and you are definitely not the only one who thinks about money around here and you don't have to be upset about it either... After all, we live in a capitalist world and yes, money matters.


However, I think that considering only this option as a priority is the main and biggest obstacle for Steemit to grow the way it should (at least naturally and for the right reasons): a place where information, interaction between users and fun should be essential to meet the basic needs of the ecosystem and keep it running properly.

When I started to participate in this place (just over 2 years ago), the slogan was something like: "Enter for the money and stay for the community". At first, I was able to see this "relationship" working very well, but I was quick to notice that this "connection" was intimately linked with the values ​​of the rewards... That is, higher values ​​= more interactions and lower values ​​= less interaction.


From this observation, I realized (not so fast, because I still didn't fully understand Steemit's dynamics) that money came first and the main focuses ib this place were increasingly lost amid the will of users in just make money (and that can be translated quickly into posting, posting and posting). Money matters, but it should be seen as a consequence of fun and not the other way around.

What's the fun in posting and not interacting? I mean, it is clear that money matters (and everyone came here with the possibility of earning it as an excellent motivation) but it is no longer interesting to make money having fun and not just by "obligation" (in many cases, about things you don't like or just don't understand... but do you think it's cool to try to impress being who you are not) of having to post in order to win something?


Furthermore, it is by interacting that things happen (including, the chance for you to make money more consistently... that is, in a way that is worthwhile). Once you visit another user’s Steemit page and find a publication of interest to you and leave a comment, you’re creating a possible circle of good intentions that if matched can expand further, thus creating a kind of chain of good.

I always try to do that... Especially, in posts about Cinema because it's the type of content that I like the most (and when I'm more willing to comment, I start to click on the tags and I discover more content and that's something that I've been trying to do more often). Until then, the result - in general - has been very good and it is something that can be seen - in other words - as an effective "marketing strategy".

Understand that in order to be recognized, grow and earn money here you will need the help of others (something that does not happen overnight) and realize that having relevance in Steemit is a "job" that takes time, determination, strength of will, creativity and patience.

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However, I also realize that things here work in niches (and in one way or another, the tags themselves strengthen this idea) and there is nothing wrong with that (after all, it helps in organizing and searching for content), since each user is aware that Steemit is a world of decentralized content that goes beyond that single specific tag. So, be curious and explore all the options and make your voice worth something in the right way.

This post is my contribution to the initiative created by @whatsup MILK CHALLENGE, where the main focus is to try to write 01 post and leave 10 comments (both daily) in other posts.

You should try to participate and have some fun!

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...Art without boarder
Astounding ...

26.01.2020 01:21

This post is shared to Twitter in support of @ocd and @ocdb's #posh initiative.


26.01.2020 01:28

For me the money aspect after two years is just beginning to settle into my fore brain, the reading and discovering content I like and enjoy is the fun part. If people do not leave feedback how do people know if people like what they are doing, and if they don't know they may give the few dollars up and go back to youtube or facebook or twitter where at least on occasion they get some sort of feed back other than votes.

26.01.2020 02:34

... the reading and discovering content I like and enjoy is the fun part.

People here need to understand this (asap). Thanks for your comment, @bashadow.

27.01.2020 15:41

Very nice points. I have a secret. If we have fun and make it fun for others... We might also make money.

If we have an attitude of we must raise the price of Steem at all costs, is it worth it for most of us? I think not.

26.01.2020 03:21

If we have fun and make it fun for others... We might also make money.

I couldn't agree more with you. Thanks for your comment, @whatsup.

27.01.2020 15:42

Hey there @wiseagent,
I've been here about the same amount of time, and the idea to earn crypto with blogging is what attracted me, but I found that it's more than just blogging here. With all of the different d-apps and communities, the earnings started to matter less, and at this point in the game, I think that most of us that have stuck it through share a similar sentiment.

I brought a long term mindset from the jump, and Steem has had a positive impact on my life. I hope mainstream adoption happens and the value rises, but if it doesn't, then I will just focus on the good it brought into my life.

It's not as simple for everyone of course, and some people are in dire need of whatever funds they can scrape together, so I feel for the one's who in a state of suffering and heavily dependent on generating income online.

In terms of "Steemit".. I haven't even used Steemit in like a year. I think "Steem Blockchain", we have all kinds of different frontends to post with.

Nicely written, thanks for not giving up on Steem!

26.01.2020 04:27

@futuremind, I think money and fun are not disconnected in Steemit... But I think the balance is weighing the wrong way.

Many people come here thinking that they are going to make easy money, and when they realize that this is not going to happen in the expected way, they simply give up everything and it weakens Steemit's development too much.

27.01.2020 15:48

Engagement is the key! Keep milking!

26.01.2020 20:15

You said the magic word, @toofasteddie: Engagement.

27.01.2020 15:49

Your post was an interesting and uncomplicated read. Thanks for sharing @wiseagent

I suspect that most of us here are here for both reasons mentioned within your introduction.


27.01.2020 09:05

Thanks, @angryman.

27.01.2020 15:50

Ya welcome.

28.01.2020 04:00

Yeah, that was always a problem in steemit. It's not because of people mainly but because how the system works. We need those upvotes not only for money but for visibility. Because the problem is that not the most commented and viewed posts are in trending but it's the most rewarded posts are ! That what makes people run after money even more !

If you remember we had the numbers of views in steemit about 2 years ago and it was removed. Maybe because they saw that people are building relations and they prefered them to care about money. That's a fork of people. Hard fork. lol

28.01.2020 11:45

Let's fight to change things, @clixmoney. We can do that!

02.02.2020 16:44

How we can fight a system that we can't cntrol. Big players decide here what should be changed and what's not ! Even the 4 week powerdown I see it fighted by them while already 20 million sp voted in it. The against proposal was created and something is telling me that the against proposal will gather more steem power and it will win in the end. The same about other things. I think we can only follow. This is what I feel. Let see how that proposal will be applied or not. I think that means a lot, if the community really decide or not. I hope it will.

02.02.2020 17:02