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FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION (#01): "Favorite Directors". | A movie contest sponsored by me and the TripleA project.

If you are reading this post and like to write about reviews movies... How about entering a contest?
[Nerds on the Rocks]( people who like movies to write about their thoughts (reviews) about what they're watchUR CONSIDERATION* is a movie contest that I created to encourage people to write their thoughts about what they are watching. This first edition will take pllow all the rules toovember and will be based on a single theme, with 4 phases. Those who wish to participate must strictly follow all rules to be able to compete.

> So, here are all the details...

THEME OF THE MONTH: Favorite Directors.

Each participant must choose (weekly) a be 4 MOVIES, from 4 DIFFERENT DIRECTORS (only ONE entry / review per week is allowed).
achso change weekly) and write a review about any of their movies. So it will be 4 movies, from 4 different directors.

Each week you will get a different score weight and the idea is to make someone who is at a disadvantage (for example: for some reason no longer participating in one of the weeks) be able to stay in the competition in the coming weeks.

[ PHASE 01: 01 to 05 POINTS ]

NOVEMBER 01 - 08

[ PHASE 02: 05 to 15 POINTS ]

NOVEMBER 08 - 15

[ PHASE 03: 15 to 30 POINTS ]


[ PHASE 04: 30 to 50 POINTS ]

NOVEMBER 22 - 29

A partial ranking will be posted every week and at the end of the fourth week, all points will be calculated (based on my ratings + @jayplayco ratings... we will be the judges of this first edition) and the 03 WINNERS will be chosen and announced as soon as possible.

Lo + 3

STEEM.* prizes...


*Upvote (100%) from the TipleA project. + 2 STEEM.okens.[ THIRD PLTEEM.*


*Upvote (80%) from the TipleA project + 1 STEEM.tokens. + 20 STEEM.**


*Upvote (60%) from the TipleA project. + 2.000AAA tokens. + 10 STEEM.*

STEEM sponsored by me and UPVOTES and TOKENS for the TripleA project ( A huge thanks to @ @jayplayco and TpleA for r the interest in conibubuti

contest... It means a lot!


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Pay attention to the rules...

  • Only ENGLISH reviews will be accepted for better understanding.

  • All reviews MUST have a minimum of 300 WORDS and should MENTION THIS CONTEST (by posting this contest link) to be accepted.

  • One of the first 5 tags of your posts MUST be #FYC. This will ensure that all acceptable posts are read and rated by the judges.

  • All reviews MUST be based on TripleA format (doesn't forced to write on triplea but the format must be right).
    NOTE: If you don't know anything about this format, click [HERE]( up all the information*.

  • The winners will need to write another review after their nomination to be able to receive the Triple AAA upvote (a new review needs to be written because the post has to be recent to get the vote).
    NOTE: It can be possible that the upvote is not given, if the final review (the first after the announcement of the winners) quality is too low. So, pay attention to the quality.


UPVOTEcenter>UPVOTES and RESTEEMS are not mandatory requirements to participate in the contest, but it would be a great help for a possible new edimber).>

So... That it, folks! All the cards are on the table and from the 1st until the 29th of November, everything will depend on your participation.

Bring it on and write your best movie reviews and if you have any questions, please just leave a comment below that I'll answered it as soon as possible.

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