BATWOMAN (TV Show): First impressions.

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Starring by Ruby Rose, the series follows the transformation of character Kate Kane into a winged defender of darkness. She is Batman's cousin and after his mysterious disappearance, the city of Gotham finds itself in seemingly uncontrollable chaos.

In an attempt to control this problem (while fighting internal conflicts to get rid of some of their own dilemmas and recognize yourself as a human being and your place in the world), she finds herself in situations she never imagined she had to face.

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Kane is sent away from town (by father Jacob) to keep her out of the bandits' target, but when a new gang threatens not only the life of her father (who owns a company, responsible for providing security to the people of Gotham), but also disarming the system and installing chaos in the city, she decides to return (after being discharged from the military college and after intensive survival training) and taking on a new identity.

Within this scenario, the new drama of the CW channel had a beginning that can be considered solid. However, not for its quality - which, by the way, is quite questionable- but for the potential cores that may develop in the plot (if showrunners know exactly where they should go).


The script is based on a weak drama (nothing but what is already traditional in the CW series) and has characters, which are mostly pretty uninteresting and relatively cartoonish (including the villain ... and that's a negative thing because weakens the weight of events).

About the cast: I don't highlight anyone (not even Ruby Rose, who just had a high hype before the premiere... which definitely didn't convince me, at least not yet) and I wasn't impressed by the action scenes either, although there is interesting photography work - considering it's a product for TV- and a considerable force for characterization of characters.

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I believe the only positive point of the series is its production because it is possible to notice a whim in the technical categories that help mask a seemingly simplistic plot and that so far (after two episodes) has failed to show consistent service.

Finally, the work done with regard to the direction of the episodes is a little sloppy and it seems that it cannot organize the ideas correctly nor extract better performances from the cast. If things continue like this, the next episodes tend to be increasingly weak and uninteresting (aiming for a likely cancellation).

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So... For now, the bottom line is: It's not as good as it sounded and not so bad that it's not worth watching a few more episodes.

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