Teaching And encouraging Women in Cameroon Especially Local Communties On How To Bake And Designed Cakes And Pasties Inorder To END A Living:(10/02/2021)

Hello steemians greetings to everyone ,Today I bring to you new entry to new creative contest of @steemwomensclub into community contest#8 Handicrafts :I woke up today very early around 5:00am because I had some two women to teach them how to Design ,Decorates three steps cake and Bake meatpie.I prepared my breakfast and did my house chores .

Around 9:00am they arrived ,since I already thought them the previous days how to mixed icing sugar and bake a plaincake our work today was to cover the cake with fondant icing ,designed and decorate.

.Covering OF cake with Fondant

At 1:00am how to use rolling pin to roll your fondants and makes it straight depending on the size of your cake to cover .
After rolling the icing sugar ,showed them how to cover a cake and shape it well with cake smoother.

We move to designing flowers , leaves with fondant to decorate the cake with


Lastly we started mounting the three steps cakes ,and and with some one step cake designing and decorating with flowers.


At about 4:00pm we where through with the training. They were happy to be part of this training me ,we did alot that could train others and earn something for themselves.



That how my day past ,thanks for reading ,don't forget to vote and comments

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Wow you are doing great work. Encouraging cake making is a very enjoyable job. Every woman can achieve this.

10.02.2021 18:17

Thank you

10.02.2021 19:26