Hello steemians greeting to everyone,hope we are all waxing well in our various locations .My bestday this week was Tuesday the 30th 2021 .It was my best day because,I attended my best friend civil wedding at Bamenda 1 council upstaion ,I had alot of fun and also very happy for her because her wish to ever get married was fulfilled that day ,so sharing the happiness with her was really a wonderful day for me .

I woke up that day around 5:30 pm did my morning devotions ,prepared breakfast for my family ,cooked jellof rice and did my house chores.

Preparing For MY Friend,s civil wedding

In addition At 9am I started preparing for my friend's civil wedding which was to take place at 11am at Bamenda council upstation.By 10am I already took my bath and dressed up for to kick off for the civil wedding .10:30am I took a taxi straight to the council where the signing was to take place arriving there the couple's where already there waiting for the mayor starts ,with alot joy within me I took some pictures with the bride at the council yard while waiting for the mayor to commence with the civil ceremony.


Signing of civil wedding by the couples

Further at exactly 12pm the Mayor started with civil wedding ceremony, there were many couples to sign that day so they started signing according to way they registered for the civil wedding .At exactly 2:30 pm the mayor was through with all the couple's and the sharing of their civil wedding certificate,we left the hall together with the couples to Town to take some pictures with the family and their invitees before going for reception.



Snapped Shots And Reception

Moreover,After taking pictures we went straight to were the reception was to take place , immediately we arrived there at 3:30pm with the couple's the programmed started with prayers , welcomed speech from both parents the bride and the groom ,A word from the couple's ,An Advised to them From a friend and parents ,followed by eating and drinking and later closing remark .

Later came back at 6:30pm took a bath and went to bed ,got up now and decided to write my contest on my best day this week . Thanks to everyone for Always reading my post .

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Search for love is a difficult task and I am glad that you coped with it. My younger brother just started his way and communicates on now. I would like his future girlfriend to be the same beautiful and happy as a girl on your photo) Have you immediately planned a big wedding or is this desire of relatives?

06.07.2021 06:49