Weekly Report of Activities from November 16 to 22, 2021, CR Venezuela @wilmer1988


Weekly Report of Activities from November 16 to 22, 2021, CR Venezuela @wilmer1988, Image Created by @wilmer1988, Base Image

Hello my dear digital friends, a warm greeting to everyone in this new week that starts full of good vibes and all those results obtained after an important week of contributions and work within our steemit world that today I want to present to you.


Status of my personal account, @wilmer1988, Link

Thanks to the use of my personal account which served as the main work tool this week to get 320 votes to more than 193 steemias with which I was able to interact through 289 comments and support them with the use of the 13,703.66 SP (16,573.94 + 5,195.99 - 8,066.28 ) available in the power of this personal account.


Personal Account Use Report @wilmer1988, Link



Presentation of the Weekly report of Steem Greeters tasks and curation with the account @steemcurator03 from November 15 to 21 2021, Image Created by @wilmer1988

[Report Steem Greeters tasks and curation with the account @steemcurator03: from November 15 to 21 2021 - by @wilmer1988


Work Done as Part of the Steem Greeters Team from November 15 to 21 2021, by @wilmer1988, Data Base

One of the tasks performed within these statistics stands out within the Newcomers' Community, I was able to verify 45 achievements previously verified as correct and support in the correction of another 21, also during this work I managed to invite 25 to be part of this collective growth.


On the other hand, thanks to this task, I was able to give an important use to the healing account @steemcurator03 within the Newcomers' Community according to the reward plan established for each achievement achieved.


My Contribution of healing with the account @steemcurator03, from November 15 to 21 2021 - Data Base

How can you see all this work allowed me to benefit 30 achievements of different steemians who are currently part of the program "500SP Minnowsupport", in this way I managed to bring the support of the platform to each one.

Individually and collectively, I previously appreciated the commitment and dedication given to the movement "500SP Minnowsupport", all in support of the growth of steemit through the development of its users.


Steemit Cryto Academy Temporada 5: Conoce Todo y Únete a la Nueva Temporada


Steemit Cryto Academy Temperatura 5: Temporada 5: Cursos de la semana 2, Imagen creada en Picsart.com

This week I joined the fever of the beginning of the new season of Steemit Crypto Academy with the publication of two complete posts that explicitly detail all the information necessary to have the best start within this project, the first of these helps everyone Venezuelan steemians to take fixed introductory courses within this new season

[Steemit Crypto Academy [22 de noviembre de 2021] - Temporada 5: Cursos de la semana 2](https://goldvoice.club/steem/@wilmer1988/steemit-crypto-academy-22-de-noviembre-de-2021-temporada-5-cursos-de-la-semana-2)


Steemit Crypto Academy Season 5: Week 2 Courses, Image Created In Picsart.com

The second publication allowed me to bring to all those interested a broad description of what were the dynamic courses for the first week of Cristo Academy of this 5th season, thereby encouraging the great Venezuelan community to be part of this project.


Ranking #sv-club5050: Se parte del #club5050 con Steem Venezuela


Ranking #sv-club5050: Se parte del #club5050 con Steem Venezuela, Image creada by @wilmer1988 con Picsart

This week, be part of the call of the steemit team to be an active part of the #club5050 promoting the participation of all the members of the Steem Venezuela community, in this way I managed to contribute together with my entire work team with the contribution that the platform requires today to through the weekly ranking #sv-club5050 that left more than 2228 steem on by users who answered our call.


A new Monday this week accompanied me with another Monday of writing within Steem Venezuela, a space that every week allows me to interact with the richest and most original content in terms of literature, for this reason this week I could be part of the label # sv-write and gather the best of steemit into the following work


Top 5 de este Lunes de Escritura 22/11/2021, Imagen creada en Picsart.com, exclusiva para las publicaciones en Steemit

Top 5 📝 Lunes de Escritura 22/11/2021 - #sv-escritura

N°| Post| Link
1| | Lunes de Escritura 22/11/2021 -Lección de vida/#sv-escritura/Club5050-/por @leonciocast
2| | Lunes de #sv-escritura 😟Ansiedad 😟 Ataques de Pánico 😟 Nerviosismo 😟 por @elecris 🤗 20% para @hive-193637 🤗
3| | 🎆✏#club5050 Lunes de #sv-escritura: ASFIXIA por @luisitorres🎆
4| | [CLUB5050 -Lunes de Escritura: Lo que más cuesta (Parte II)... por @alanasteemit](https://goldvoice.club/steem/@alanasteemit/club5050-lunes-de-escritura-lo-que-mas-cuesta-parte-ii-por-alanasteemit)
5|| Lunes de escritura en el #club5050 La importancia de hacer power-up en tu cuenta por @terediaz


Day by day Steemit grows by leaps and bounds, for this reason the representatives of steemit for Venezuela have put into use the Discord tool which is a direct communication platform that allows us to get closer to the needs of each Venezuelan steemians and other parts of the world , I invite you to learn more and be part of this important improvement:


Discord Steem Venezuela



Report Curation @steemcurator05 by @wilmer1988 November 18 2021, Image Created by @wilmer1988

Report Curation @steemcurator05 and Status of Spanish-speaking Users, by @wilmer1988 November 18, 2021

Day | Vote | Comment
------ | ------ | ------
18/11/2021 | 20 | 20

Contribution with the Account @steemcurator05 18/11/2021, @wilmer1988, Data Base

One more week of support for the fabulous movement The Diary Game led me to be able to vote 20 active newspapers within it thanks to its faithful authors, this is how I put the @steemcurator05 account into use following the guidelines of the steemit team for the support of the Spanish-speaking #thediarygame addicts.

Day | Diary + #club5050 | No Dairy | No #club500| Dormant | Total
------ | ------- | --------- | ------------ | --------- | --------
11/11/2021 | 20 | 26 | 1 | 115 | 162

Detail of the News of the #thediarygame Movement for Latin America, 18/11/2021, @wilmer1988, Data BAse

In the same way I want to publicize the news of the movement after my work with more than 160 visits this week that comprised 47 active users (only 20 in the diary game) and 115 dormant.

I say goodbye like every week, thanking all the support and the opportunity to be an active part day by day of what today is steemit..

Greetings, We keep working 👍

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Muy buen reporte. Realmente ustedes realizan un trabajo maravilloso

26.11.2021 03:53

Excelente reporte feliz y maravilloso día.

26.11.2021 08:31

Muchas gracias amiga mía.

Saludos 🇻🇪👍

28.11.2021 03:01

Gracias por la mención, muy bien detallado lo logrado en esta gestión @wilmer1988. Felicitaciones.

26.11.2021 12:42

Gracias amiga mía.

Saludos 🇻🇪👍

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