Weekly Report of Activities from November 09 to 15, 2021, CR Venezuela @wilmer1988


Weekly Report of Activities from November 09 to 15, 2021, CR Venezuela @wilmer1988, Image Created by @wilmer1988, Base Image

Hello world, steemit, nice to return to greetings this week after 7 exciting days of intense work, today I am grateful to be able to be with you again on this occasion to show all the details of the last weeks.


Status of my personal account, @wilmer1988, Link

This week my personal account with 13,488.61 SP (16,356.87 + 5,192.33 - 8,060.59 ) SP it was my main ally to achieve the proposed objectives, among which stand out being able to support 165 steemians and provide a total of 291 votes along with 258 comments within this number of users.


Personal Account Use Report@wilmer1988, Link



Presentation of the Weekly report of Steem Greeters tasks and curation with the account @steemcurator03 from November 08 to 14 2021, Image Created by @wilmer1988

Report Steem Greeters tasks and curation with the account @steemcurator03: from November 08 to 14 2021 - by @wilmer1988


Work Done as Part of the Steem Greeters Team from November 08 to 14 2021, by @wilmer1988, Data Base

This week my work within the Newcomers' Community, on the other hand, I also managed to support with the correction of another 23 achivements with corrections and invite 20 newcomers to the platform steemians, leaving an important contribution to this initiative.


This week my work in charge of the account @steemcurator03 allowed me to support a total of 30 achievements that were previously verified by the Greeters team of the Newcomers' Community as an incentive to the development of this.


Distribution of Support with the account @steemcurator03, from November 08 to 14 2021 - Link

The correct distribution of this 30 votes allows to bring the support of the steemit team through the program "500SP Minnowsupport" to all users who start within steemit through interaction as members of the community Newcomers' Community


Ranking #sv-club5050: Be part of #club5050 with Steem Venezuela, Image created by @wilmer1988 con Picsart

This week, be part of the call of the steemit team to be an active part of the #club5050 promoting the participation of all the members of the Steem Venezuela community, in this way I managed to contribute together with my entire work team with the contribution that the platform requires today to through the weekly ranking #sv-club5050 that left more than 1994 steem on by users who answered our call.


As part of my responsibilities with the community of Venezuelan steemians this week I managed to take control of a passionate Monday thanks to 24 publications of excellent level and a lot of originality that greatly nurtured the interaction within the Steem Venezuela community and allowed to leave 15 votes with the account @hive-193637 in support of the interaction under the tag #sv-escritura, all this work allowed me to leave the following selection:


Top 5 of this Writing Monday 15/11/2021, Image created in Picsart.com, exclusively for publications on Steemit

Top 5 📝 Lunes de Escritura 15/11/2021 - #sv-escritura

N°| Post| Link
1| | The Diary Game / 15-11-2021 /sv-escritura/Reflexiones de vida y familia/#Club5050 / 15% para Steem Venezuela
2| | Lunes de Escritura #sv-escritura/ 15-11-2021 "UN K-DRAMA INOLVIDABLE" por @vanessa38/20% para @hive-193637
3| | #sv-escritura: Lunes 15-11-2021 - "El arte de enseñar: La enseñanza no se queda en la aula pues se van en el andar de tus estudiantes - #club5050 - Por: @crismenia
4| |[#sv-escritura - Venezuela: (Criptomonedas Y Descentralización En Medio De Una Crisis).](https://goldvoice.club/steem/@oswaldotorres/sv-escritura-venezuela-criptomonedas-y-descentralizacion-en-medio-de-una-crisis)
5| | Lunes de escritura 15-11-2021:Un código de vida - Por @elsumerio. Configurada 15% para @hive-193637


Thanks to the interaction of the Venezuelan and Spanish-speaking community within steemit, the team of representatives of Venezuela created the following channels and means of communication to better the reach and attention provided within this, I want to give you access to these channels within the platform Discord:


Discord Steem Venezuela


All the work carried out this week was done hand in hand with the work of the @endingplagiarism and @endplagarism04 team, thereby providing maximum support to the work of keeping free of bad practices and negative actions within our platform, thanks to this I reported the following publications:

Content identified as Plagiarism

Plagiarism within steemit

N°| Post| Conflict
1|Post | Post
2|Post | Post
3|Post | Post



Report Curation @steemcurator05 by @wilmer1988 November 11 2021, Image Created by @wilmer1988

Report Curation @steemcurator05 and Status of Spanish-speaking Users, by @wilmer1988 November 11, 2021

Day | Vote | Comment
------ | ------ | ------
11/11/2021 | 20 | 20

Contribution with the Account @steemcurator05 11/11/2021, @wilmer1988, Data Base

This week I managed to leave another important contribution to one of the most important movements within the platform, with this I was able to benefit 20 active steemians within it thanks to the use of the #thediarygame tag and the voting power of the account @steemcurator05.

Day | Diary + #club5050 | No Dairy | No #club500| Dormant | Total
------ | ------- | --------- | ------------ | --------- | --------
11/11/2021 | 20 | 30 | 34 | 195 | 279

Detail of the News of the #thediarygame Movement for Latin America, 11/11/2021, @wilmer1988, Data BAse

This work made me visit 279 steemians of which 195 were found without any activity within steemit and another 30 without any participation as part of The Diary Game, only 20 were benefited by being correctly using the tags #thediarygam and #club5050.

So I dismiss this week of work and contribute to the growth of steemit, I appreciate how always the attention paid and the opportunity to contribute.

Greetings, We keep working 👍

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woow gracias !! espero seguir compartiendo mas los lunes de escritura

16.11.2021 23:23

club5050 😀

17.11.2021 12:08

Excelente labor como siempre amigo @wilmer1988 muy dedicado en tus labores dentro de la plataforma, siempre agradecidos los miembros de recibir el apoyo por parte de ustedes 😊 Buen post , Bendiciones para ti amigo 🙏🏻

17.11.2021 16:26

Gracias hermano siempre a la orden para ayudar y apoyar en lo que se pueda.

Saludos 🇻🇪👍

18.11.2021 01:10