Sea of Thieves obtains brand-new Halo gear and you can gain it simply by establishing sail

Sea of Thieves is handing out some special Halo ship gear to commemorate the shooter franchise business s wedding anniversary and the launching of its newest game.

Unusual has marked the Halo Infinite multiplayer very early release with The Noble Spartan Sails and also Flag, new enhancements to Sea of Thieves which reveal your love for Halo without damaging your Age of Sail immersion. The flag and also the mainsail are decorated with a stylized take on Halo s Legendary problem setting icon, full of the extended Elite skull (though it does swap out some even more pirate-y cutlasses in place of the advanced blades).

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All you have to do to make the new things is play throughout a specific window of time — you ll likewise have another chance to earn the previously launched Spartan Ship Set, which features an extra-Grecian take on a particular Simple hero as its popular token as well as various other matching accouterments for the remainder of your ship.

Here s when you ll require diving in to open the two drops.

How To Get The Spartan Ship Set In 2021! | Sea Of Thieves Halo Based Set

Spartan Ship Establish: November 24 at twelve o clock at night through December 1 at 4 pm
Noble Spartan Sails and Flag: December 1 at midnight via December 8 at 4 pm

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