Dear Steem SEA Community

Hello Steem SEA,

I will really like it if you will celebrate my birthday with me: March 18th.

Don't worry, I will meet you here then. I hope we can share many comments, pictures, and whatever else is original and beautiful. ☘

I hope that you all are having a wonderful day, wherever you are in the world. I live in Minnesota, in the USA. I'm happy to say I'm now home from a long day's work.

Yesterday some you you may have seen a comment or two on your posts from me. I'm sorry if I disturbed any of you.

Many Thanks...

thank you @muzack1 for greeting me kindly
thank you @deltasteem ;) you too⚘
thank you @naka05 for saying hi so nicely
thank you @green07 for the warm welcome

Thank you all so much -- I was really happy to hear back from you.


I don't want this to be all about me. I think we can all have a lot of fun together and hopefully become friends! I'm going to invite my friends from other communities, like Stars and the Freewriters.

I plan to share two original posts with you March 18 -- including my Birthday Card, which I hope you all will sign.

If any of you have any ideas for other fun things we can do, please let me know.

What I Like...

I would really like it if any of you have any stories that you heard growing up: like folk tales, fairy tales, local myths, or old legends. The types of stories you maybe heard around a campfire or before bed. Really, if any of you will write any original story as a birthday present to me -- I will love it so much.

I also like nice photos of nature everywhere, including trees and waters and birds and things. If you will make a nice post of those kind of pictures and dedicate it to @william8wayward on March 18, that will be so awesome!

I look forward to hearing back from you, and I look forward to that day very much.

Many, many thanks Steem SEA community!


birthday #celebration #steemsea #south #east #asia


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thank you for sharing here, we are waiting for your next contribution, to make it easier for you to see posts from other steemit colleagues

25.02.2021 01:36

How about I post a "My Town in 10 Pictures"? Will that be a good idea for a post in your community? Thanks for reading my post.

25.02.2021 01:42

You can post it through a blog or community, preferably through a blog

25.02.2021 01:45

Never done the blog before sir

Any advice for a first-timer?

25.02.2021 01:55

do you, dear sir, do any muay thai sparring where your from, by the way?

25.02.2021 01:44

Indonesia, have you ever visited it or as your goal when the Covid 19 pandemic ended

25.02.2021 01:48

I'd love to. It'll take me 15 years to save for a plane ticket, but if you want to send me a one-way one, I'll be happy to fly over and hopefully we can take a stroll outside the city and have a nice conversation and I'm sure you have some good ocean views nearby somewhere and hopefully somewhere too that's safe for swimming. But I ain't a begging man, so I'm not going to ask. If I never make it to Indonesia, I'll die trying. I'd walk every square inch of the earth if I could. Bummer for me, but I love the wetlands I live in, dear sir.

I do so enjoy your responses and thanks

25.02.2021 01:53

Farthest I been was Ecuador, and she paid for it~

I could pinch a penny out of a picnic table but I bet I'd spend it before you noticed I did

Ain't a betting man either, except fights with my brother, but I tell you I've tried it all and certainly should be sorry to say

There are some things I haven't done that I'm sorry to say for other reasons

What about yourself: do you have any local legends, sir?

Around here we have Paul Bunyan, a mighty man with a mighty axe and a big blue ox and hands that he wore around his fingers like oven mitts.

25.02.2021 02:02

Senang dapat bersama anda di sini, saya harap kita bisa bertemu suatu masa nanti, bersenanglah di hari ulang tahun anda nanti

25.02.2021 04:51