What is HAPPINESS?? How necessary is IT?? How to access HAPPINESS??


Happiness is a scarce commodity , even among social celebrities and forb's rated billionaires. The level of the despondents seems to be more even among the deemed successful in the world. This accounts for some unfarthomable suicides among the so called successful!

But what is HAPPINESS?
It is inner satisfaction, contentment about circumstances contrary to popular public opinion!! It is not a feeling or emotion, but a choice which is propelled by a superior logic than the contemporary and pedestrian!! It is fulcrumed in the highest realm of the spiritual as it is bequeathed instead of earned or attained!!

But how can happiness be attained in this world of dichotomous demands and expections from ever riotous generation??
Quite difficult, but not impossible. This is how. Since it is bequeathed, it must be given by an authourity domiciled in the spirit realm of the infinite intelligent. These, according to saint Mathew 5:3--12 are expected of all to be qualified for the priceless gift of unconditional joy and happiness.

3 Acknowledge your Spiritual inadequacy This means you have to admit consciously that you knew little about spiritual matters which ought to propel your inquiry into deeper knowledge about the phenomenon of the a spiritual realm of infinite intelligent in God.

4 Submit yourself to Sobber reflection of MOURNING As this is activated often about social, political and spiritual circumstances, your spirit will be availed the necessary!!

5 Genuine Humility is a MUST This is because He has vowed to promote the humble, even as He promised to resist the Proud. His promotion definitely engenders happiness unqualified.

6 Strict OBEDIENCE to God's Word Them which adhere strictly to His word are granted boulevard to His divine happiness!

7 Be MERCIFUL to others Mercy advanced to others is reciprocated by Him to free from condemnation which results in happiness.

8 Purity of HEART is a necessity to access to pool of unlimited happiness.

9 Be a Peace Ambassador Work tirelessly to promote peace wherever and whatever. Your happiness is thereby assured!
10 Expect and Endure PERSECUTION Obedience to God will definitely attract condemnation from the world, but God's promise thereby is eternal happiness!!

11 Endure INSULTS for it is written: " Happy are you when people insult and persecute you and tell all kinds of evil lies against you because you are my followers, but be happy and glad as a great reward is ready for you in eternity, because this is how the Prophets before you were persecuted"

So, you desire happiness??; endeavor to subject yourself to these tenets and your eternal happiness shall be guaranteed!!

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Happiness, that which Jesus referred to in the sermon on the mountain, The Beatitudes, in this sense the way to true happiness is to recognize Jesus as our only and sufficient savior.


06.10.2019 13:53

Yes! brother Darlenys. Whenever , Jesus{God} of is accepted as your LORD and saviour, it beehives the saints to obey His Commandments as the Lord.

The itemised are His Commands which ought to be obeyed as a requirement for divine happiness. All reference was from Jesus's direct command from the mount!

06.10.2019 15:04

Happiness is when you see your arrogant landlady falling inside gutter face firstπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. Ohhh what a joy.

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07.10.2019 15:56

Ha!! Na wa for you Oh!!. So, your landlady is "arrogant" because you refuse to pay your house rent? πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Repent O!!

07.10.2019 19:27

Look you, I don't owe, and will never do, IJN.
Just pray you don't come across a saucy, arrogant woman that thinks she's all that, because you rent their house.
Even the husband is a better human being compared to that woman

08.10.2019 08:48

I was only kidding you! A proper Lagos bobo pays his bills rountinely; you can't be an exception na!

Appology tendered!!

08.10.2019 12:23