I am DRENCHED in the Rain Today!!

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I left my appartment without an Umbrella today!!

This is contrary to my routine Every raining season of every year.

I did so inadvertently; not deliberately.

Nevertheless, the impact of my action is without my control!!

I was DRENCHED, even in my corporate suits in the rain as I must get to my destination or else something much more horrible than being soaked in water will be the consequence!!


Must it rain cats and dogs every July of every year??

What would be the consequence of no rain through the year??

Some said Agricultural productivity will be halted , hence there would be hunger in the land!!

Yet another said, technological innovations would mitigate this!!

"What about Hydroponics", they said. Hydroponics enables the growing of plants and crops , without recourse to rain fed irrigation of arable crops!!

Wouldn't you rather be an advocate of HYDROPONICS???


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