Quicksand in your head...

This is loose sand/ideas that form when material suddenly becomes agitated...most of the time due to added water that cannot escape and thus the liquified soil/fake idea cannot support any longer the weight/rational thinking.

At first sight it looks like being solid/true but with a little agitation or under pressure/influencers this might change.
Objects/ideas exposed to this environment may sink until the weight/importance of the displaced material and the submerged object/idea have the same weight and therefore make it stop from floating.

Reminds of some behaviour on social platforms full of quicksand.

art & motion by Werner Hornung

quicksand detail.jpg

Qicksand (661px, 15fps).gif

quicksand artwork.jpg

portrait (419px, 14fps)-1 (glissées) (220px, 25fps).gif
The better you look the more you see

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hello you never leave me indifferent, I like it and it makes you think
Happy day

03.10.2019 12:54

...thanks, may be I should start a programme with fidelity points.

04.10.2019 08:45

agree, always happy to see your posts

03.10.2019 14:29

...thanks for stepping by.

04.10.2019 08:44

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03.10.2019 14:55

Well, the better you look the more you see :) I agree with your way of thinking and as always another amazing artwork:)

03.10.2019 15:20

...thankyou, from one spider in the net to the other.

04.10.2019 08:48