Didst thou not hear a noise?

...when I took these words from Shakespeare's Macbeth as a title for this blog and the artwork shown here, it was mostly because of this old english words.
I always liked to combine old with modern...therefore if my artworks look kind of old fashioned they are nevertheless made with modern digital tools.

To be seen you have to send a lot of loud sounds that may be considered as unwanted by some people and described as noise...while others look at it as music to their eyes. Vibrations send through the medium of some piece of art are therefore interpreted in many ways.
Noise is indistinguishable from sound, only your brain makes all the difference.
Noise induced hearing loss is my fate...but I can still "hear" some good work of art when I see it.

"Didst thou not hear a noise?"
art & motion by Werner Hornung 2019

noise detail.jpg

A pessimist is somebody who complains about the noise when opportunity knocks.
Oscar Wilde

Didst thou not hear a noise?.gif

portrait (419px, 14fps)-1 (glissées) (220px, 25fps).gif

listen to your eyes.jpg

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I like the pessimist quote, so fitting for some peeps I know.
Good work, I shared it on Twitter and Facebook.

24.10.2019 09:27