My diary post for 03 October 2020.

I took a landscape photograph of the famous ahia udele it's the local slaughter house in my city.

Welcome back guys😁😁😁,it's been a few days since I last made a post on diary game,it's been a complicated week off chain for me and I hope to make the best out of this week and peak my community participation.

As always I woke up early this morning,I carried out my usual morning routine and Prayer sessions to prepare my mind for the day. I took some time to go through our daily text for the day.


My morning workout routine. Courtesy of Nigerian @nigerian-yogagal.

I left the room to my mom's bedroom to greet her and get ready for the new day. It's a Saturday though so I don't usually leave the house early, my mom left for the market while I still prepared to leave for work.

After a few minutes and I was already on my way out when I received a call from my mom, she notified me of an accident that happen at water side bridge, she suggested I take an alternative route so I won't get caught by the traffic jam.

By then I was already on a bus going to work, on getting the info I stopped at the bridge and crossed over the other side to get a cab.

While I crossed over to the other side of the bridge, I saw the crash site and I was very awful. According to reports the long vehicle crushed two people and a bus to pieces. It was gathered that the long vehicle had break failure, this is the most common reason for auto crash at this location and the government has been reluctant to do anything about the constant accident that happen here.

I took a few pictures of the site while I crossed.

The heavy vehicle

The white mini bus was crushed beneath it

So I go the work and I was all slow and paced out due to the weekend and I had a few hours to care for some of my posts and enter some comments in steemit. I also chatted with some of my steemit friends on WhatsApp.


By 5pm it was already late and work was already approaching it's climax, I had to get my books balanced before I left for the weekend, which is what I did exactly.

We took a public transport home and if you are wondering the crash site wasn't there long after we crossed the area. So the location was traffic free and we had a smooth journey back home.

When I got home I had dinner,took my bath and watched some movies. I finished some posts on steemit to and made a few comments too. Soon I retired to bed.

Stay safe guys

Thanks for sharing on my journey today 🧡🧡🧡.
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It's always so traumatic to get news about an accident. It's good heeded to your mother's advise to change course. Thanks for sharing

oneopercent #cameroon @affable

04.10.2020 22:15

Yeah her timely advice really saved me alot of trouble.

05.10.2020 22:14

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04.10.2020 22:21

Thank you si much for the honour I am great full.

05.10.2020 22:14

Hello @whitestallion

It's nice reading from you again. You were fortunate to have recieved a call from you mom updating you on the status of traffic in your area, you could have been stuck in traffic and maybe late for work. Thanks to your mom for the information.

Many times, these accident causes can be traced to bad roads. I don't know if it's so in your area. Sometimes, it's the drivers who aare not careful too but all the same, I pray you or your loved ones don't ever get involved in an accident because it's horrible.

It's good to balance accounts before going home. There's every possibilty that you might forget some details if you leave it till the next day. It's just like the diary game. If you allow some days before you write about a particular day, you may not remember in details how the day went. Always try to balance your daily account the same day, it's a good practice.

Nice diary, thank you for sharing.

twopercent #nigeria

04.10.2020 23:09

We I got the info on time. The roads aren't good enough, and like you said it's one of the main causes of accidents in the location. Thanks for visiting my blog.

05.10.2020 22:16

@whitestallion you made a nice diary.You took a good picture of the famous AHIA UDELE.

The accident was so tragic to the extent that up to two persons were feared dead.
May God console the bereaved families.


07.10.2020 20:29

That's the norm in this area. I hope the govt does something about it.

07.10.2020 20:47

Your day was not bad at all, looking at scene of that accident on your second image i would say the road is not good but what are the government doing about it?

04.10.2020 23:37

They are going to do absolutely nothing about it and that's one of the main issues we have. A very insensitive govt that care less about human lives. I hope things get better in this state. Thanks for your time here.

05.10.2020 22:17

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06.10.2020 03:05

Too bad our Nigerian government don't want to do anything about the reoccurring accidents on our road.

People should also learn how to drive safely, reckless driving is also another contributing factor to this accident.

07.10.2020 06:58

@whitestallion, nice reading your diary. Truly Saturday's are for rest. It is sad to hear such incident there at waterside. Such thing happens often. My heart goes to those that have lost loved ones in death. Such sight can leave one in shock for days. What better things can we expect from government? They can only do the best they can but can not completely solve all mankind's problems. Is it not why Jesus at Mathew 6:9,10 urged us to pray for God's kingdom or government to come? But until then, let us keep praying that the government of the day keep doing the right thing as much as they can. Hope you have rested from today's work.

twopercent #nigeria

07.10.2020 07:15

@whitestalliion, I just have seeing accident sites. The way those long vehicles crushes human beings as though, they worth nothing.
I don't know what could possibly be the solution to this accidents.
Government should just look into it, and possibly create a road for these heavy vehicles.



07.10.2020 12:28

Yea, it's very heartbreaking to see your fellow human die that way. However I think and know the govt can do something about it. Maybe a flyover is worth a shot. Thanks for visiting to my blog.

07.10.2020 13:59