Gratitude and Life: It's Great That You Know How to ASK! But Are You Ready and Willing to RECEIVE?

"Ask, and you shall receive."

It's a popular saying, whether you move in spiritual circles or participate in New Age workshops or simply read self-help books. The whole idea that we can "visualize, set our intent and manifest what we want" is enjoying a great deal of popularity, in recent years.


It's nothing new, of course.

In essence, we are talking about a variation on what some would call "prayer," which people have turned to for thousands of years, even if it has been repackaged with a "new" name and "new" process called things like "visualization" or "manifesting."

It's Great to ASK... but...

One of the things people often have to face is that it's great to "think of something you want to happen," but unless you actually speak (or write) the words, very little happens.

Some might wonder "what's the difference," but it's actually pretty simple.


If you want a house, it's not enough to just think about a house... but if you sit down and actually draw out plans for your house, or list the features you want, then you suddenly get many steps closer.

And you have to be specific about what you are asking for, because we have a tendency to get exactly what we ask for... as well as finding ourselves without the things we forgot to ask for.

Are You Willing to Receive?

But beyond that, what's really important is that you are willing to receive what is given.

AND that you stay open to the fact that things don't always arrive in the "packaging" you might have expected to find.


It's surprising how many people are not open to receive whatever they are asking God, or the Universe, or The Great Big Is And Ever Was for!

Opportunities pass in front of us all the time, but so often they are rejected because they don't take on a very specific appearance we had in our mind. People say things like "I need a new car!" and then reject their neighbor's offer to let them use their late model luxury car for a couple of years while said neighbor is on assignement in Australia.

"But that wasn't what I MEANT!!!"

Be open to receiving what the world has to offer you! And be open to the idea that what you are offered may be exactly what you need, even if it doesn't look exactly like what you'd envisioned!

Thanks for reading, and Bright Blessings to all!

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