Change of Pace: Who ARE These People, With Their $1,000 Posts?

Taking a slightly different approach with my post, on this late Sunday night.

I got to wondering, who exactly are these people with their $1000 posts here on Steemit? And what makes their posts worth $1000?


I don't ask this question from a standpoint of envy, merely from the standpoint of curiosity. Aside from being a minister and counselor and spiritual guide, I also spent a good bit of time in the publishing industry. And I have to tell you, it's very unusual that writers would get paid more than $500 or so for an article length piece of work, even for a major magazine.

Yes, I realize this is not a magazine. And yes, I realize that this blockchain environment and community we are part of is a bit like the "Wild Wild West." But still, I can't help but wonder what exactly constitutes a $1000 post?

I would have no idea, personally speaking.


However, I'm not going to dwell on this particular point, although I'm well aware that I will never have a post upvoted to $1,000, let alone even $100. I mostly brought it up because I wanted to touch on a different issue, namely that of the way many people do so many things in life purely for the money.

On the surface, we might be able to not look at that as any kind of a problem. We look at people of such a single-minded nature and we simply say that they are "ambitious and go getters." But when we scratch a little bit deeper below the surface, and we start asking questions like why did this person get into medicine simply "to make money," we must also ask the natural follow up question which is "how good a healer can somebody be, if their sole purpose for being where they are is to make money rather than to heal people?"

Not entirely sure I'd want that doctor operating on my brain, for example!


Similarly, how good is a writer who is only taking up the pen and writing for the purpose of making money? How authentic can they be? Moreover, how authentic can they be, if their motivation for writing is purely to generate prose that will be popular and resulting in sales rather than generate prose that has some kind of at least superficial meaning?

And maybe it's there that we find the faulty thinking. Maybe it's there that we uncovered the reality that an awful lot of people don't want deeper meaning. That is not what they care about.

Still doesn't answer anything about the $1,000 posts... I'll be back to "normal" content again tomorrow!

Thanks for reading, and Bright Blessings!

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Comments 9

There are people who have delegated their steem power and earn interest through upvotes and liquid steem daily.

Also there is a decentralized app on tron blockchain which called @nutbox where you can stake your steem and earn pnut tokens. You can redeem tokens for votes. 1000 tokens gives you 10% vote from @nutbox.mine which has over 5million sp.

although I'm well aware that I will never have a post upvoted to $1,000, let alone even $100.

For a spiritual guide, I think you are a little pessimistic. It is not so difficult to get a 100$ vote. In life we can achieve anything if we work for it.

I enjoy your writing style, and I felt perplexed with the paragraph that stated how authentic a writer can be while writing for monetary gain. I like writing and I enjoy the process of making posts, but you are right I am not 100% myself in my posts.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and keep in mind that the 100 dollar vote will come very soon. If you give you will get back.

12.04.2021 10:35

Φίλος @skywaystelios ...τι φάση με αυτό το nutbox;;
αρκετα ενδιαφέρον το βρίσκω αλλά δεν έχω ιδέα περι της διαδικασίας.
Αν μπορούσες να μας δώσεις λίγο τα φώτα σου,θα το εκτιμούσα μεγάλε γκουρού :)

12.04.2021 12:06

Γεια σου φίλε αν θες να μιλήσουμε σε κάποιο direct chat discord, telegram κτλ? Να σου εξηγησω πως λειτουργει.

12.04.2021 12:25

ναι φιλε μου,άνετα ...στο telegram

12.04.2021 12:41

It is not so difficult to get a 100$ vote

Really? How comes you dont have one, then?
Also, Its not the fair way to get upvoted by some bots, or because of other deals. Originally a post is supposed to be upvoted by people who liked it. But this idea has gone down the toilet a long time ago. Today its all about who you know and what your vote is worth.

12.04.2021 21:10

I'm new here, with just 30 followers. So far, I am very pleased with my performance. Through my diligent work, I will receive a $100 upvote very soon, and I will notify you when it occurs.

You are correct that being upvoted by bots is unfair, but that is how things are. If you do not like them, you have two options: quit the site or stay and help to change things.
Since it is a social media platform, it is more about who you know. Regarding the value of a vote, I can understand that because some people have invested their time and resources in the platform and want to get something in return, not just to give. Even if the content is flawless, how would we vote and support someone with a reputation of 60 to 70 and just 50 sp?

To summarize, I believe that not only the content, but also your overall presence in the group, plays a role. You must socialize, gain influence, and assist others. You will be rewarded if you are committed to the site.

12.04.2021 21:37

I will receive a $100 upvote very soon, and I will notify you when it occurs

Ok, just do that if you want... :)
I'm here for 4 years now, and I'm a bit less optimistic by now.

...but that is how things are

That is no excuse, not here and not for any other mess in the world.
I have been criticising this pretty much since I joined Steemit (which was somewhat different back then, but neccessarily better), and almost nobody supported my views. Everybody was hoping to make money, and nobody would risk that by speaking up.
I never wanted to be part of that, and accordingly I have made very little money compared to some others who are here for the same time or even shorter. And I never took any Steem out of the account - like someone with a Rep of 60 or 70 and 50 SP must have done.
But I dont even check such things before I upvote. I solely upvote by what impression a post or comment make for me. And I dont make 1 Cent votes, because I know they will be lost as dust. Another thing that needs to be changed.

12.04.2021 22:35

That is no excuse, not here and not for any other mess in the world.

Of course it is not an excuse,as I said before what ever you do not like, you can fight to change it. Love it or leave it :)

P.S I speak very friendly and in any case do no want to insult you. Just expressing my point of view. Maybe I am wrong. :)

Criticizing is a behavior which usually occurs from the feeling of envy. Don't you think that instead of criticizing it would be better to focus on how you will improve,promote your blogs, make friends and generally change something to have better results? I think that we should change our attitude if it isn't getting us the results we want.

I guess that you have made very little money because you write in german, and you haven't participated essentially in a community. You haven't dedicated yourself on the platform or you do not really believe in its possibilities.

Personally I think we should upvote even with half cents vote. Even if the value is not important we are showing to the writer that we have read the post.

13.04.2021 00:36

No, its ok, you can have your opinion as I have mine. I have certain principles and I am not giving them up for money. Perhaps you need a bit more time to really see whats going on here, and that its foremost the newbies who get fooled into believing in a oppertunity to make easy money. And I'm not even starting to talk about the whole Justin Sun thing...

13.04.2021 08:21