Updated: DUDEOIR - Photoshoot Contest! BIG NEWS Prize Now At 514 Steem

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday I announced a fun contest created and funded by a group of crazy Steemians in SteemChat. https://discord.gg/WMuBqG

The post is here:


So, a lot of people thought this was a fun idea and some additional reward money came flowing in.

We have:

100 Steem from @nealmcspadden
100 Steem from @themarkymark
100 Steem from @adsup
50 Steem from @meesterboom
50 Steem from @carlgnash
50 Steem from @whatsup
27 Steem from @grey580
25 Steem from @elgeko
12 Steem from @justinashby

More Info Below:

"If Men Posed How Women Pose" is the context. Crim dubbed the category Dudeoir. In addition, she has offered to shoot any of you who wish to pose.

I don't know if we have any brave men that will participate, but I thought it sounded like an amazing and fun contest.

Ladies, find a male model and get him to emulate the following pose. Men, find your photographer and let's see your pose!

The mission is to recreate this picture or a creative version of it with a Male Model!

Keep it tasteful or tag it appropriately.

Contest is open for 1 week.

Judges are @juliakponsford and Crim and anyone else they want to appoint.

Thanks for all the Fun and Engagement Rewards on this post are set to burn!


Comments 24

Hahaha now this is going to be damn hilarious... Let me go find a guy to do this pose for me 😁😂

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14.11.2019 19:07

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14.11.2019 19:08

Sounds like a lot of crazy fun. Hope you get some great volunteers.

14.11.2019 19:11

That should be fun. What the hell...

Even though I won't participate (I will when you host the "Who's the hottest guy around :P :P :P) I will contribute another 16 Steem to the cause so that we can have a round number.

Let me know where do I send those

Have fun everyone!

14.11.2019 19:44

I will add 36 STEEM to the kitty to make it 550.

14.11.2019 20:21

Nice! Thank you. Are you planning on participating?

14.11.2019 20:28

I would of course... but I have a thing over here... is that my phone? Look, a bird!


14.11.2019 20:32

do it :)

15.11.2019 00:14

hahaha that's a good excuse..lol

15.11.2019 00:18

Taraz... we are waiting...

15.11.2019 02:04

Very generous humans around here. Tub Cat needs to strike a pose.

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14.11.2019 21:35

dang...the prize is very tempting, I wonder if many male will join.haha

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15.11.2019 00:18

You better join!

15.11.2019 01:21

haha I don't have a photographer, it's embarassing to have random friends to take photos. haha

15.11.2019 02:05

Hi @whatsup

Very fun competition

you can add 25 STEEM from me to the pot

15.11.2019 00:42

Thank you! Whoot.

15.11.2019 02:32

Hahahahah this is pure gold, kickass idea!!!

15.11.2019 13:52

Haha... I've just submitted my entry! Professional photographer, exotic beach location and eek a sensible dress :o

15.11.2019 20:25

Resteeming because MUST see more entries. I CANNOT talk my man into it. Something about things being on block chain forever? What? No... Damn.

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16.11.2019 21:02

When I seen few photography that submitted here, I feel so hilarious! A good contest!


20.11.2019 02:18