UPDATE: DUDEOIR - Photoshoot Contest! Competition is Heating up! I'm telling you this is HOT.


If you haven't heard about the Dudeior Contest you are missing out!

Currently the prizes are at:

100 Steem from @nealmcspadden
100 Steem from @themarkymark
100 Steem from @adsup
50 Steem from @meesterboom
50 Steem from @carlgnash
50 Steem from @whatsup
27 Steem from @grey580
25 Steem from @elgeko
12 Steem from @justinashby

New Donations for Prizes.

36 Steem from @tarazkp
20 Steem from @mindtrap
25 Steem from @xpilar

Current prize money is running at about 595 Steem! I will round it to 600 Steem.

Thank you all for the overwhelming support!

Please also upvote the tag Dudeoir to support those entering... And here are some of the entries so far!

Wow! You Sexy Thing @mattsanthonyit

Simply Stunning we have @soundwavesphoton

Taking my breath away... @yahialababidi

I don't know guys... Can you compete? The competition is stiff...

I hear there are several more entries in the works and some suggested I extend the deadline a week.

What do you think?

Thank you all for Making Steem Fun, our fantastic models will each receive 25% of the rewards on this post. It is set in beneficiaries.


Comments 19

@mattsanthonyit has some TITTIES!

17.11.2019 20:21

Do it

17.11.2019 20:32

Don’t disappoint Wu, JUST DO IT!

Posted using Partiko iOS

17.11.2019 20:40

Yes. I'm already doing it

24.11.2019 19:08

I think you would look stunning in a mini dress haha.

18.11.2019 14:54

xD Thank you. Maybe I'll do a shoot for ya'll hahah.

18.11.2019 14:58

Hahahaha. Lol

24.11.2019 19:08

I think we’ll have a dark horse winner win this . Carl is always the fav. In these type of contests as I have a friendly wager someone else but him will win . We shall see .

Either way, this contest is HAWT & Stiff! Can’t wait to see how it turns out !

Posted using Partiko iOS

17.11.2019 20:39

Lol. I can't even point out who rocks it best. The judges have got a lot to do here. 😂😂

17.11.2019 21:13

Lol. It will be a tough call for sure. I know I'll be the winner though. 😂

18.11.2019 00:57

Tzahahah😝😂. I'm waiting for your entry. Do it bro💪.


18.11.2019 02:47

Eying the competition with a lump... in my throat! 😱

17.11.2019 22:13

I wonder how they'll judge for it.. But only 3 participants..

18.11.2019 00:10

Extend it!! Gives people a chance to grow balls to do it 🤣🤣🤣

Posted using Partiko Android

18.11.2019 02:41

I think people are not getting the Dudeoir idea. Dudeoir isn't about wearing women's clothing. It's about being a Dude. While adapting the pin up to that.

Stuff like this.

This right here is what people should doing. It's a big guy. Wearing next to nothing while holding a power tool. The hard hat, suspenders and boots are just icing on the cake. More like this.

18.11.2019 12:55

Show us or stfu

20.11.2019 22:50

Hahahahaha. Lol. Thanks for bringing up the contest

Posted using Partiko Android

18.11.2019 17:42

haha, @mattsanthonyit is crazy. lol Well done. ☺

19.11.2019 09:27