The Tiny Tragedies of Covid19

The whole world is talking about the Big and frightening elements of Covid19, but in each and every home and family there are the tiny stories.

Just to take a different angle here are some of the ones that are impacting my loved one.

Real Life Cancelled by Virus

John - Six months ago sold his home in Seattle moved to a small community in Eastern WA and dumped his money into a bar. Stocking, licensing, hiring, renovating the establishment which has now been operating for a couple of months and was doing well. Having to close the bar and knowing without some major intervention he will never be able to afford to open it again. Lost income, wasted product and expenses of the business will eat up his start up money.

Avery - Turned seven yesterday, her birthday party cancelled due to virus circulating in the community. As part of her birthday present she was looking forward to attending a concert of her favorite teen performer, JoJo Siwa. It's not going to ruin her life, but I cried with her as I had seen her excite for the past 2 months.

Kaylee - Aged 11, Had a lead role in the school play they have been practicing for 8 weeks and found out today there would be no performances. Hard for young children to understand what is happening and why.

Brittney, 32 year-old mother of two, regional manager of a program that takes on kids that have aged out of the foster system they have 3 homes operating near Spokane, WA. These kids have no where else to go. Britt and her staff are suddenly dealing with these kids as well as their own, with no school system, extra meals, no daycares and no plans for dealing with life under these new circumstances.

I realize in the face of a global pandemic and financial devastation these are tiny tragedies and I know each of you have your own stories and disappointments.

To each of these people the struggle is real and the emotions are valid.
I don't think our problems are bigger than the pandemic, I just think they are part of the story.

Stay safe everyone, sending you thoughts of health, acceptance and well being.

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This pandemic is going to test everyone's resilience and will go to the very heart of day to day life of most. Not just in the now but futures will be affected by it as well.

Stay safe, home, and hopefully healthy.

PS: bars with a loyal crowd can crowdfund liquidity by selling prepaid loyalty cards.

17.03.2020 05:16

I agree, in the future we will talk about life, before and after the virus.

Stay safe as well!

17.03.2020 05:26

A very tiny easy spread virus. It is very unfortunate ☹️😔 but we need to take absolutely precautions. Thank you my friend. Didn't see you on discord today. Or did I came late. Just checking on you sir.

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17.03.2020 05:40

We are on lockdown here in Spain, the whole country has ground to a halt, and my wife and I are essentially quarantined, doing our best to not leave the apartment if we can. Starting to really wonder if our business will survive. We are wedding photographers and all of our jobs this year are in Europe. Most in Spain, but also Italy, Austria, Ireland and the UK. Every day we are waiting for the emails of cancellations. We have enough money in the bank to survive right now, but some clients have already paid and if they demand refunds we don't know what we will do. Plus I've seen news from Canada saying they won't be allowing anyone back into the country soon. It seems like if we try to cut and run back to Canada now we will be screwed, and if we stay here and hunker down we will be screwed. Don't know what to do, but I guess this is just life now for a lot of people.

17.03.2020 05:52

oh that sounds rough too. I feel like nearly everyone has a story to go with this.

I wish you wisdom, calm and luck in your choices.

Stay safe, wish I had better words, but right now about the best I can do is... I hear you, and it's rough.

17.03.2020 05:59

Thanks, I know people want to say something but there is not a lot any of us can do. We are just trying to get through this like everyone else. I'm gonna be posting regular updates though because I like the idea of keeping track of how I'm feeling and what we get upto during this really weird thing we are all going through. Stay safe on your end too!

17.03.2020 06:43

The first and the last cases are in a different league compared to the others. In the first one, the damage can be lasting.

17.03.2020 06:13

No one can know for sure, but small businesses will be hit the hardest and the large politically connected businesses will likely survive and receive assistance.

It's hard although the threat is real to not feel a bit bitter over that.

17.03.2020 06:17

I feel very sorry to here this but at this time we are now we just have to survive and hope for another phase of betterment

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17.03.2020 06:31