Powering up SP! (And other things I’m excited about)

In the last few days I went from around 2800 SP to 4200 SP! I decided it was a good time to reinvest some of the crypto I earned from steemit in 2017 back into steem and into the platform. I imagine a day when steem reaches $1 again. It will be nice to have a $1 upvote and so I’m trying to make it a reality.

I never thought I’d be a dolphin but now I can see a clear road. I’m actually just a few steps away. I plan on powering up again next week to pass 5000sp. From there we will have to see.

While everyone else is hoping for crypto to take off this year, I am hoping for a very slow recovery which will allow me to get a really nice position before it takes off. Last year I had too much going on and too much to pay for. From March I may finally have disposable income.

I’m in the process of building my own student base so that I can be fully freelance. From there I’ll save money to open my own school. For 2 weeks I hadn’t found anyone. Last night I found 5 potential students though! It seems I might be able to make this work!

Vincent and I started a podcast which has me energized! Almost 40 people tuned in and neither of us really pushed it too hard. I am having so much fun observing myself and learning how I talk so I can keep growing. I love going outside of my comfort zone while having fun too.

I feel so focused! I finally have an attention span and energy to change my life. It’s not always a straightforward path but it’s unfolding step by step. The world is so full of disharmony right now but I’ve learned to turn that into motivation for becoming my best self!

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09.01.2020 05:21

That's a nice big jump! Hope you're able to hit your goal :)

How many things in life are straightforward at a big picture level XD

10.01.2020 04:58

Oh the big picture! It’s all a Monet, looks like glob up close

13.01.2020 11:26

I like Monet.

16.01.2020 08:16