There Is Only 1 Country Without COVID Travel Restrictions And it's definitely not one you'd expect

You are denied entry to a country when you are turned away from its borders you are generally returned to your to poach location on the next available flight offered by your carrier additionally that carrier is sometimes find on top of having to get you home

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So as a result most airlines don't try to deliver you to countries that they don't think you'll get into but how are you going to know if a particular passenger it's going to be allowed into a particular country when there are such complex entry requirements but every country around the world there are slightly different based on where you were born your citizenship real residency and so many other details well that's something that's interesting enough before the great event of right now

But right now things have gone a lot more interesting in my opinion anyway let's talk about exactly why how and just the weird world of air travel in 2020 so let's dive into it and let's start by talking about time attic which is you know how this map is power it's the thing behind it because the later which is an organization you've probably heard of in the abstract but you don't know what it is it's the international air travel Association

It's a lot of Airlines coming together and making a lot of things that help advance the industry and one of those things is the time attic tool so this tool basically tries to work out for every one of the 200 ish immigration areas in the world we could call them countries but then people be like oh there's only a hundred ninety four countries there's basically 200 countries just a few aren't recognized off the 200 ish countries in the world

You can be flying from any one of those countries with any one of the 200 you know passports in the world and you can be transiting via another country also each of those countries has its own health requirements and recommendations also there are airport taxes in some countries there are custom regulations

You know like obviously the very that you might not know about and it can be very hard for any airline employee to know this stuff so they use this tool in most airports around the world and most airlines use it to work out can you fly where you need to go but obviously the Norway that time attic works the normal way if they can work out if a US citizen is able to enter the UK which they usually can just do just hop your passport in or if they you case it's sinking into the US which usually you can do just sign up for an ester and you know give the US government your social media but slight rant for another day things have gone way more complex in the last two months'

It's a rapidly evolving situation and that's why this map is super interesting because as you can see it splits things into four categories we've got the great countries of like you know Yemen or like you know Syria where you know let's just be honest you weren't flying there before this whole thing it was very very hard to get to either of those countries there was a Syrian Airlines which I've looked into several times they still exist and they were just about stopped you know operations bad timing sorry Syrian Airlines and same with Yemen and there's a few of countries there in this kind of category of light you know the data isn't you know quite there yet like for instance Nigeria's going for the same thing

But most countries are in one of three categories no regulations which is literally one country as best I can tell Mexico has not changed anything as a resolver current situation in the world coronavirus has not changed Mexico status on travel but they are the only country in this light blue category because every other country is in let's just call it like let's call this pale blue and this is gonna be light blue and this is gonna be dark blue so most countries are in the partially restrictive category and what that effectively means you might be thinking like partially restrictive partially restricted can kind of range from the UK

Which is the most lacks where you just have to subject yourself to self isolation for 14 days as a two days from now and also fit out a little Public Health Forum so you know the UK is requiring you to do those things which is one end of the spectrum whereas if we look at a country like I don't know let's just go to Finland

Finland you know you're not allowed to enter Finland unless you've got a residence permit somewhere in the EU or you've got a British passport and your family members reside in Finland or you're a resident of one of these countries returning to your country of residence or you know like it's it's a very complex set of rules basically because every country is writing immigration requirements as they go

you cannot enter the Russian Federation unless you're a national if the Russian Federation or you're an accredited a point to deploy of diplomatic missions or you know like again basically every country has restrictions like this and this is the lower level this is partially restrictive there are countries in the dark blue and in case you're curious as to what that looks like because again knowing that like the u.s. is situation which is basically like hey Europeans still bad fun fact I am still not able to enter the United States of America maybe you think rightfully maybe you think wrongfully maybe watching us the u.s. being like yeah thank god we've got that darn limey guy out there

But I've been able to open up to enter a despite having good reason to for the past like fresh mumps now kind of hurts kind of stings given the carrots tuition there and yes so the u.s. is badda bang all those people from those places Canada is taking things a step further and you cannot enter Canada unless you are a national of Canada

You're arriving from the USA which has to be for non discretion or non optional purposes basically lots of countries are closing down and have closed down over the last two months we discussed that when it was happening but it's weird that all of that is still happening here but then there are countries that are totally restrictive there are countries they go a step further than just you're not allowed to enter unless your Canadian national

A spouse or a permanent resident or it's non optional you know like there are there our country was like that but then there are countries like Ukraine flights to Ukraine are suspended would you like to get into Ukraine

No you know like that's that's how that works Kazakhstan airports are closed for international flights unless it's a you know like very sanitary technical landings they get doing in there again the the kind of loosest definitions you can find in here that there are some flight you know countries that allow flights for carrying goods you know air cargo there are some that will allow minor children born to Nationals of India abroad or with business visa little exceptions in there in very very specific categories and then there are some countries that allow repatriation flights like Thailand but for the most part most of these countries and you notice a lot under Africa or just like yeah you know we're done passengers are not allowed to enter a man unless you're a national of a man the you know it's actually kind of ridiculous when you look at certain you know countries which used to be some of the most open in the world

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