You Can Now Get A College Degree In Esports

I have written before that you could get a scholarship in esports but now you can get a whole degree. If you are not an esports fan or are new to the world you probably think this is a funny thing to consider but esports is a serious business now. I think I might have tried for this myself if that had it when I went to school. To think of all the time I played games instead of doing my homework when playing games could have been my homework.

Kidding aside, just like any competitive sport there is a lot of work and practice that goes into being the best. I don't know if I ever had it at that level but if crypto comes out for an esports game that can pay the rent from item selling I would consider giving it a chance. I don't know if I would go to school for it, but I would give tournaments a try. We will see what games comes out in the next year that have a coin attached.

An interesting story to see and it has become clear that everyone is treating esports as they do traditional sports. But I do wonder what kind of tests or grades you would get? Do they literally grade you on how well you play your role in a moba or your aim in a shooter?

The good news is with streaming even if they don't go pro you can still make a life gaming. The industry really is growing and this is just another step of how far it has gotten.

Here is the link for more info:

Would you get your degree in esprots?


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I considered going pro a couple of times and was going to be in a Dota 2 team to practice and get good, but then life got in the way as did needing to make a living as I got older haha.

I would also jump on the chance of crypto for esports to make a living, even if you only get lower amounts but you still make enough, combined with blogging etc and helping you live weekly.

It's pretty cool to have a degree in esports though that gets offered. People will see how popular it is as well as how viable it can be for people to get into.

02.10.2019 03:16

The e-sports industry is growing indeed really fast and it looks like the environment is adapting fast. Crypto and gaming in combination could make it possible to really "own" your game and items and we will see how esports will influence crypto based on NFT. Thanks for your article.

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02.10.2019 04:21

Reading through this degree I'm wondering, if you know, how is this different from getting a degree in business or business management? Is it just tailored towards Esports? I feel like you could probably get a lot of the education you need from this degree through your typically business degree. I could be wrong though!

02.10.2019 18:02