Steemit Communities Looks Great! But Can We Charge A Premium For The First 3 Months?

I am pretty excited about communities and will be making one (or two) when they come out. They are going to be a great tool to get people organised on steemit and help to give people direction of what to post and where to post it. That has always been one of the biggest problems with steemit, it is hard to figure out what type of content to post here. But with communities we can start to funnel groups.

Right now it is set up that it will cost 3 steem to make a community. And I do get it is great to have them cheap and grant access to a lot of users we really should charge more than 3 steem, at least for the first 3 months. This is our chance to get a lot of steem burnt and get some momentum going and I think we are going to waste it with 3 steem communities.

This is what I am thinking. For the first 3 months, as a premium of early community makers, people have to pay 10-50 steem per community. I have no problem paying 20 steem to make a community and have it burnt and I'm not a whale. It could be an early start fee. If we are all paying 10 steem for our communities it could go a long way to get steem moving. Then after three months we can go down to the permanent 3 steem price.

I think we should do this with SMTs too:

If we do this for both we could get 100ks of steem of the market in no time.

What do you guys think?


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Steemit Sells accounts for 3 Steem. Now Steemit wants to sell communities for 3 Steem. Coincidence? I think not...

16.11.2019 01:25

hehe it is kind of a coincidence. It's because the creation of a community is actually the creation of a Steem account itself which represents a "community". It's kind of a weird way to go about it. They still ought to raise the fee for creating a community.

I like the ideas by OP, but also think there can be some sort of Steemit-run monthly subscription service for community owners. Perhaps offering a wide variety of additional feature sets to communities that pay for "Premium community status" etc. which meshes well with the whole "freemium" branding of Steem. There are plenty of possibilities. The issue is that Steemit rarely thinks like a business and thinks far more like a startup that has bucket loads of capital raises behind them.

16.11.2019 03:13

I completely agree it is too cheap right now. Perhaps others can offer expanded features based on steem burnt, one time or continually, etc. Similar to how steem engine works now. However maybe for the open beta phase keep it cheap until what is right for it has been tested. At 3 steem literally anyone can afford to try. At 100, it may deter people.

16.11.2019 04:00

I'm okay with charging a little first and raising the price, I just suggested doing it the other way around as people might be more comfortable if they know there is an end point to communities costing more than 3 steem. But either way the result is the same.

16.11.2019 21:05

"The issue is that Steemit rarely thinks like a business and thinks far more like a startup that has bucket loads of capital raises behind them."
THANK YOU. This has been my problem for months. We need to be bringing money in. We cannot wait for an alt season that may never happen. Look at Binance, there is a reason their coin is double now than what it was at the 2017/2018 peak. It is not the bear market but us.

The other issue is the lack of interest in the value of steem. Sure they can make money by selling 100,000s of it but the rest of us don't have that luxury. If we can get the price up we can all benefit.

I have confidence in the Leo site and direction.

16.11.2019 21:04

@whatageek, Sounds effective Suggestion and hope that this Suggestion will be heard and implemented. Stay blessed.

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16.11.2019 05:57