Steem Leo Is Starting To Kill It With Its Features And Coins Burnt


I am impressed by the improvements that Steem Leo has made over the last couple of months and am optimistic for the future of this site and coin. Sure steem and steem coins have a long way to go in price before we can start to celebrate again but with Leo we are heading in the right direction. A think other tribes can learn from this one in how to improve the user experience and value of their coin.

The Ticker:

Although this does not directly help the price of the coin it is a neat feature that really makes the site look professional. No matter how you feel about Bitcoin or Eth the crypto market is one right now and either we all make it or none of us does. It is well done with a slick bar that moves to the side.

Running Their Own Ads From Coinzilla:

So happy to see this. We need to have ads that have nothing to do with steem and steemit and are helping bring outside money into the ecosystem. An ad network that pays in bitcoin or fiat can really help drive the price of the coin if the money made is spent right. The problem in crypto is sites that really solely on crypto and have no outside revenue. Not only does this add sell pressure but takes away from a buyback sell pressure that could do a lot for the coin value.


If you spend your leo you can promote your post on the trending and hot page to get more views. The cost of the promotion depends on how much the previous person has spent. This is another way to burn tokens and help with the price of Leo in the long run.

They Have There Own Dex:

The team has been hard at work adding more uses to the coin and this includes their own dex. Anyone can get their steem coin listed on this dex and the fees spent are also burnt. Leo really gets how important the burning of Leo is and they are making sure to add as many options as they can.

Liquidity And Coin Value:

Another reason Leo is at the top of my list of coins is they have a fairly consistent level of liquidity on the exchanges. A lot of coins have little to zero liquidity and even if you are making a lot of the coin you cannot sell it. Plus I feel bad selling a coin that has no liquidity as I do not want to tank the price. The coin is also getting pretty valuable. The other day it shot up to .5 steem. This was only a quick pump but you can see, with such a low amount of coins, how fast things can skyrocket.

stock-1863880_640 (1).jpg

There is still a lot of work to do and we need to bring in as much outside income into this site to increase the value of it but it is on the right track. If we can make it to .5 steem on average or we can get back to a $1-$2 average of steem I would be looking to make this site a part-time/full-time job.

Keep up the good work team Leo

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Great review as I think Steemleo is just scratching the surface of opportunities to be a forum for content and to bring a community of traders/investors together.

PS - you have some great content, thus following you now.

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awesome write-up!

Check this out 😉

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Keep up the good work guys.

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