No Crypto Gaming Has Not Even Started Yet (Neither Has Crypto Esports)

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I come across these articles once in awhile that scoff at the idea of dapps and how crypto gaming is only cats being traded like digital baseball cards. Here is the truth. Crypto gaming has not even started yet. There is not one full AAA title on the blockchain and most games have just shown off what digital collecting could be like. Crypto Kitties was an impressive demo of what the tech could do but it was not a game. I think we are getting close to the release of a real title like Skyweaver which is in beta now, but until we get a free-to-play game with full gameplay that isn't buy something early and hope you can sell it later we have not seen what a dapp is.

If you are wondering what a real dapp is look no further than steemit. Steemit is really only one of the fully working dapps out there. And it is really one of the only actually working dapps. As a blog platform it works without crypto, you can post, view, like and use it as you would any other blogging site. But on top of that you can earn crypto and your work is posted on a blockchain. Yes we could use a lot more features on here but the point is any user who doesn't know a thing about crypto can still use this site as they would any other site (minus the problem with onboarding.)

It is the same thing with gaming. Crypto gaming has started until we get a title that plays like a modern game which happens to be on the blockchain. When a game like Overwatch is realised where people get to keep and trade their skins and ranked play pays people who do well. The collecting aspect needs to be a part of the game not the whole game itself. And there is no dapps out right now that do not really heavy on the collecting side of things.

This is also true for esports. We need to get to the day when there is a game that is thrilling to watch and big players can fill an area playing. Nobody is going to stream a game where you collect items and maybe trade them for more expensive items. Think of a full title like Dota 2 on the blocckhain. People can cheer on the team while the players own all the characters in game and the skins that they wear.

The day is coming but in reality in might be months before we even get a taste of what crypto and blockchain gaming is. Right now Skyweaver and 9 Lives are looking to be the first titles to try. And until those games come out then you can talk about dapps and how well they are doing. But for now it is mostly tech demos.

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I like the way you think and totally agree.... I play a lot of MK and WWE games and my husband though is into Gods Unchained and some others, big future ahead in this imho

11.09.2019 18:34

MK and WWE would be great on the blockchain. You could make your own wrestler and trade him later,

11.09.2019 18:37

I wish! For now am on PS4 and Now and play when I can and play for fun with some on the blockchain

11.09.2019 18:43

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11.09.2019 18:41

A week back @hatu had suggested a Ether based shooter game and it was kind of interesting. Though not as complex as a Quake or Doom series of games, it was one of those which did not lead to collectibles or collectible only game..

In fact, @steemslotgames is good too from the betting style of games on the blockchain.

In short, future of gaming dapps looks solid.. And like you said, we haven't even started.. 😊 😊

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11.09.2019 18:47

Steemmonsters is the first evolved step towards this. Gods unchained is a good one too. It will be interesting to see where the next few years advance on this to full scale titles.

11.09.2019 18:49

I love the idea of combining gaming with cryptocurrency. Many games already have gaming currency within it so it's honestly genius. Imagine if, for example, blue essence in league of legends was a cryptocurrency :D

13.09.2019 05:23

@whatageek, I don't know about other games but in my opinion when it comes to the Blockchain Game then Steemmonsters is a great start for sure.

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15.09.2019 07:19