My Best Crypto Advice (besides dividends) In This Market: Get An Extra Part-Time Job (Unless You're A Developer)

As a content creator I am looking everyday for new crypto sites and ways to earn a living online. This tech can really reward people for their work and if one can get it right making a $100 a day would be possible. But with the market as it is right now and the sites not having a solid way to make money outside of their coin I can honestly say you are better off working a part-time job and buying the coins you like then trying to earn them.

It comes down to cost and time. When steem was over $2 making content on steem made sense as the best way to earn it as it was costly to buy. But now at .14 you are much better working at McDonalds and buying a bunch of coins then trying to earn them. It is the same for any of the new trybes. They are all very cheap right now and $60 US can make you a whale overnight. There are other projects outside of steem that you are better of buying as well.

Let's do the math. If you make $50 from a part-time job you can make:

$50 USD = 454 steem
$50 USD = 2500 Leo

No matter the site you are better off buying then putting in the work.

I am not saying don't post when you have free time or use these sites as a bonus if you making USD as a content creator but there is NOWHERE in crypto right now where you can earn enough that it is enough to replace a part-time job. It might change soon. There are some good games coming out. But I think we need at least a 10x before people are better putting their time into a site than an extra part-time job.


However if you are a dev this is your best time to make something as there is little competition. You can stand out and maybe raise some solid funds to get off the ground.

But if you are a content creator I recommend handing out applications. I'm gonna start looking. Better than waiting for alt season.

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Thank you for posting from the interface 🦁

03.10.2019 19:00

I agree 100 percent. This is why I'm am aboard buying Steem right now.

I'd rather work an extra shift occasionally than chase rewards that may not come.

03.10.2019 23:50

Funny enough I never thought about going back to work I guess it high time I take a leap so difficult to make even $10 on steem right now especially with rewards halving

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05.10.2019 07:26