I Have 19k Delegated To Steem Leo, Come Join Me Here!

So I spent time going over different options of where to delegate my SP. There are some good options but at the end of the say it is looking like Leo is the winner. For one the site is working hard to run as a business and finding as many ways to burn Leo as it can. This could lead to an explosion in price in the near future. This way even if I disappear for a few weeks and come back to a bunch of Leo I will still be happy with it.

In terms of return I am getting roughly 40-45 Leo a day. That is roughly 8-9 steem per 19,000 SP delegation. If you do the math it adds up roughly to 16-17% APR. If you add the 2% you are getting for APR you are looking at close to a 20% APR which is way better than any bank will give you. Plus Leo and/or steem can 10x in the near future if things go well. And imagine if they both moon at the same time... exponential gains.

There is also the bonus of day trading on days when the liquidity is high. I like to buy and sell my coins with steem to try and get a quick return. On days that it works you can get a quick 5%-10% on your stack. There was one busy day when I get it like 3-4 times in a couple of hours at 10% each. But if you are going to do this ONLY do it with two coins you are happy to hold. If you don't you will get a fear of loss when one of the coins you don't hold goes up and you will want to chase your loses. DO NOT DO THAT. But I am happy with both steem and leo as coins to hold so if I get "stuck" with one as the other goes up I can just power-it-up and try again another day. WIN-WIN

If you are not happy with the coins you are making with steemit or even if you are and are posting about crypto or investing you really should be posting your work on steem leo. Your post will show up on both sites and you can earn more crypto for your work.

If you are new to the site send me a hi :)

This is my where my primary content site for now and am looking forward to what the team will do with the site.


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I am not a newcomer but probably an old guard of @steem.leo ;)

Here is the chart that beta version of SE has introduced: https://next.steem-engine.com/exchange/LEO.

Traders can now do technical analysis for trade. I can see a bullish morning star on Oct 18 and then eventual runaway on November 6th.

Good luck with your endeavor. I am bullish on LEO too ;)

17.11.2019 19:33

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17.11.2019 19:41

Dear @whatageek

Definetly supporting Leo and his efforts are great choice.

Perhaps I could also introduce you to @project.hope - our community project build on steem blockchain.

You may find our delegation passive income program quite interesting. Hopefully you would consider supporting our efforts :)

Yours, Piotr

22.11.2019 23:10