Actnearn, Sports Talk, Steem Leo and Steemace, My New Homes On Steemit

So I wrote about being unhappy with steemit the other day and until SMTs or changes are made I will be switching to these tribes as my new home on this site. I will be posting on each of them, depending on what I am writing about and hope to see them grow in the near future.


This site is made to help promote different crypto campaigns, but they allow any post so it will be my generic blog site instead of steemit. They also have the most liquidity so I can sell their coins without feeling bad about dropping the price.

Sports Talk:

I am very optimistic about this one. Not only is liquidity increasing as well as the price of their coin but they are starting to stand-out on their own. They are on state of the dapp and can be one of the new faces of steem if it continues to grow like this.


This site is great for crypto and investment posts and the other day a bit of fomo skyrocketed the price. I'm still waiting for a more consistent market of liquidity as I feel bad selling when it is so low. But when buying pressure happens it does a lot to the price and this can be worth a lot in the future.


This is a smaller tribe at the moment but the team seems to be putting a lot of thought and effort into the value of the gg coin. In a few months I will see where it is but it is my go to for gaming content with

If you are getting frustrated with steemit please feel free to join me on any of these. I got a good amount of SP in each of them.

Any tribes you are happy with?


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welcome to actnearn. Our moto is not to discriminate and no downvote.

Your article is shared on our channels as u hold >100K tokens

17.09.2019 16:30

Thank you! You guys get it.

We need a positive supportive community to build and grow with.

17.09.2019 16:32

Terima kasih, Sir, atas dukungan Anda, Anda adalah Investor yang hebat dan tentunya akan sangat berguna untuk semua platform steem. I will immediately activate autovote for you.

17.09.2019 17:09

Those would be my main tribes as well. Those and creativecoin who have a good audience.

17.09.2019 20:06

Welcome on Actnearn. Upvote you with my small Act power

18.09.2019 09:13

@whatageek, Good luck with your decision and hope that down the road all your efforts in these tribes will going to bring productive results for you.

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18.09.2019 12:58

The first two terms you call actnearn and sportstalk are the tribes that I like the most. I have a significant amount of stake in these tribes, in actnearn tribe I use an @anroja.zzan account and in sportstalk I use an @anroja.sports account. I would be very happy if you please visit my blogs.

21.09.2019 04:17