A SImple Solution To Steemit's Voting Problem And Distribution Problem (Serious Post)

If we are being honest things are not working for the masses on steemit. The problem is the same problem we have had since the start: the voting power is not spread out enough. Steemit needs to get as close to a democracy as we can if it is going to work for the masses. But we can't give the same voting power to everyone or people make a bunch of fake accounts.

But there is a solution

1.) Limit people's voting power to 10,000 steem or 50,000 steem. The number doesn't matter but it should be 100,000 or less. When you vote your vote only counts for 100,000 or whatever the limit is.

2.) Exponentially increase curation rewards so an account with 100,000 steem gets a lot more rewards for curation than 10 accounts with 10,000 steem. This way if people make a bunch of different accounts and spread out their steem they will lose a lot in curation rewards.

This should fix the voting problem and keep people invested in steem.

If not this we need to do something as the steemit traffic is dropping by the day. It might get to the point where we should just give all the steem to the EIP and make a new coin for content creators.


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02.10.2019 18:06

I don't think you can limit steem (voting) power because it disincentivizes people from holding more steem. Over time, I think the distribution of Steem has been slowly getting better. Dirt cheap prices help. The whole idea behind this platform is that being a stakeholder gives you a say in its operation, whether it be via curation or witness voting. I don't think that we would want to do anything that changes that aspect of steem.

I don't have numbers to back it up but the last ones I saw posted by somebody showed that traffic was holding fairly steady. I think traffic will always be affected to some degree by the price of steem and for now the price of steem is still strongly affected by the rest of the crypto market which hasn't been great lately.

I think the recent hard fork has helped a great deal in terms of preventing bot abuse and I'm sure there are plenty more improvements that can be done. I just don't think you can change the fundamental idea that the greater your stake, the greater your influence.

02.10.2019 18:21

I think we could use curation rewards to motivate people to hold steem and find a way to spread voting power.

I hope you're right about traffic but Alexa numbers for steemit have me worried.

02.10.2019 22:21

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02.10.2019 18:22

What if they eliminated the ability to self-vote. Take a portion of the top 1,000 big-dog's voting power and give it to a bot that does random upvoting. Sheesh, there are ought to be something done to help spread the sauce.. Make it worthwhile to interact here.

02.10.2019 22:13

They really need a new way to spread out rewards or we need a new coin.

02.10.2019 22:20