building a free video sharing website (23m)

as we move towards a more open and aggregated connected to everything future i wanted to start making my own nomad video website of content i capture on my travels. i love making and i love sharing and i was wondering how i could do that and sustain some kind of drip feed income at the same time, step forward then (building on the success of of course!)

feel free to take this mini course,

in this mini course i'll describe how we are building our own video sharing site out and how you can do the same easily (or hire me to make you one maybe!)

  • getting the site ready for content (cdn/storage)
  • recording the content, editing and making it ready to go
  • uploading, adding seo, autoposting to social
  • google adsense, widgets and banners and skillshare course upsell
  • making money from your content with premium packs and gumroad
  • i hope you'll follow along with the journey! :)

as always any questions just drop me a message and don't forget to take part in the project!

feel free to take this mini course,

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