Hello steemit World,

Different people have different answers and explanations when it comes to the term writing,perhaps because of the different understanding and opinions people have..personally I see writing as a means of expression of ones inner thoughts and experiences with words being penned down.i am super excited to start this adventure with the steemit community,a platform where I can Express,learn and get enlightened from different communities..
This is an introduction on myself



My name is Jordan Chikere Iheukwu,A citizen of the federal republic of Nigeria,I hail from the Eastern part of Nigeria(ideato North local government area in IMO State)precisely..I am the last of 3 kids from a family of 5
(Five).I grew up in a small city of Aba in Abia state precisely and I attended my nursery,primary and secondary in the city.Currently I am a student of the federal university of Technology owerri in the department of Computer Science under the faculty of School of Information Technology and presently I am based in Owerri.

My niece and nephew

Educational Background
As I stated clearly above,I attended my nursery,primary and secondary in the city of Aba in the school "Living word"
It was a missionary school and it was known for its slogan "education under the cross".I am currently studying Computer science in college in the Federal university of Technology owerri and currently I am based in owerri.

Me with my friend after school

I am a very free spirited person so I tend to engage in loads of fun giving activities and they are as stated below
• Writing
• Playing video games
• Singing
• Playing soccer
• Seeing loads of movies
All these are things I love doing that help put my mind at ease and help with my personal development.


I give a big shout out to @Ceendy20 for giving me this huge chance or rather opportunity to know about this platform..
It's a big deal for me .it is trust me,its massive and I am super grateful..initially I would be 100 percent honest I was a little big sceptical about it but my curiosity I guess got the best of me this time So I am here now and I am here to improve,learn more,share and develop my potentials and gain ideas from different communities.And not only that it's also a means where I can also gain financially,if you ask me it's like a win win situation,So I am ready to grab this opportunity and get the best out of it.


Finally I would like to say a big thank you to@steemblog and @cryptokannon for giving me this chance to aspire work harder and also apply acquired skills into diff platforms and I am hoping to having a comfortable,fun filled and enjoyable time with everyone in this platform
Thank you again for having me in this great community
One big love
Up move
Thanks for reading.

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