New weekly contest " highlight about River, watershed, Environment or whether of your Place"

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★ how many rivers and reservoirs are there in which you stay?

there may be simplest one river in where I stay, and this is the calabar river.

★ what do they look like?

The Calabar River in pass River nation, Nigeria flows from the north beyond the metropolis of Calabar, joining the bigger go River approximately 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) to the south. The river at Calabar forms a natural harbor deep sufficient for vessels with a draft of 6 metres (20 feet).

★ what is the weather like of your area?

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In Calabar, the moist season is overcast, the dry season is in general cloudy, and it's miles hot and oppressive year spherical. Over the route of the year, the temperature usually varies from sixty four°F to 92°F and is hardly ever below 58°F or above 96°F.

★ What sort of weather goes on there now?

weather nowadays in Calabar, Nigeria goes to be Patchy rain feasible with a maximum temperature of 40°c and minimum temperature of 26°c. expected precipitation falling is 0.40 mm

★ and which rivers or reservoirs do you want better and why do you sense that?

The Calabar River became as soon as a first-rate supply of slaves added down from the interior to be shipped west within the Atlantic slave trade. Slaving changed into suppressed by using 1860, however the port of Calabar remained crucial inside the export of palm oil and different products, until it become eclipsed by Port Harcourt within the 1920s.

★ Watershed in calabar river

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The city of Calabar is bounded by the Calabar River to the west, exceptional Kwa River to the east and the wetlands of the go river estuary to the south. it can handiest grow to the north, into the Calabar River catchment location, and this has been happening. The Calabar river watershed become initially covered by means of tropical rainforest. tons has now been changed through agriculture, avenue production, forestry, industry
and housing for the growing populace of Calabar. For instance, the countrywide integrated power mission covers a
huge vicinity of land except the Calabar- Itu highway at Ikot Nyong in Odukpani Local Government Area.

★ My Environment

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Rainfall is sizable most months of the 12 months, and the fast dry season has little impact. This climate is considered to be Am in line with the oköppen-Geiger climate type. In Calabar, the average annual temperature is 25.8 °C | 78.five °F. the yearly rainfall is 3306 mm | one hundred thirty.2 inch.
CALABAR Of the many towns and towns at the African continent, Calabar have to be one of the cleanest.
we are happy with the surroundings wherein we stay.
Cleansing isn't visible as an hobby this is beneath us, we don’t spend lots of money on sanitation, government Secretary of the Calabar city development association (CUDA) the company charged with preserving clean this city of 800,000 people.
The finances in Calabar’s pass River state government is highly small. It allocates 12 million naira [US $102,209] a year for sanitation in Calabar, which includes applications to plant timber and grass inside the town and elevating awareness on the environment with ‘maintain Calabar stunning’ signs anywhere within the city.

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