A NEW WEEKEND ➡️ A NEW CONTEST!! 🍕 Describe a typical dish from your country 🍲 / UN NUEVO FIN DE SEMANA ➡️ UN NUEVO CONCURSO !! 🍕 Describe un plato típico de tu país 🍲

Hello @steemians, I am very happy to participate in this wonderful contest by @belenguerra, typical dish from your country. I hope you enjoy reading as know about my dish below.

What's the meal?

(Edikaikong Soup)
Edikang Ikong Soup is a pretty nutritious, delicious and savory vegetable soup natively prepared the use of ‘ugwu’ (the local name for fluted pumpkin leaves) and Malabar spinach (domestically referred to as water leaf in Nigeria). Like most soups from these coastal regions, this dish comes loaded with diverse seafood delicacies (periwinkles being a normal staple) and “limitations” (Nigerian slang for the preponderance of various meat cuts Nigerians like to feature of their soups) elevating this soup to a Nutritious adventure into the inexperienced, coastal depths of pass Rivers way of life.

Edikaikong served with oatmeal fufu (aka swallow)
Edikaikong joins the list of Efik or Ibibio delicacies that have garnered cult repute in Nigeria in which the clout of top cooks and the excellent cooks are normally measured their ability to reproduce this soup in its traditional shape. Amusingly, it's also no marvel in local settings for aspiring bachelorettes to have their ‘wife fabric’ repute showed after they know how to make this recipe, elevating them from girlfriend to “final wifey” within a unmarried taste! In truth, a fond reminiscence i have of this recipe growing up is that of my father’s colleagues at paintings continuously accompanying their greetings to my mum with requests for an encore taste of her edikaikong recipe after a sampling of it at some stage in one in all their residence visits.

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What elements does it carry?

The recipe are as mention below:
I kg (5 bunch of Pumpkin leave) ssameame as Ugwu
500 g water leaves
2 handful Ntong (scent leaves or Effirin
I kg Assorted Meat
200 ml (2 cups) Palm oil
I medium onions
I Cup of periwinkles
Head I Large stockfish
2 Medium Sized Smoked Fish
6 fresh Yellow pepper (pounded)
I Cup pounded Crayfish
1/2 Cup Dried Shrimps (slightly pounded)
1 tbs black Pepper
2 stock cubes

What region is this dish from?
This this is mostly prepared in Nigeria, Calabar.

Where and when do you remember having tried it? Or maybe it's the food you consume most frequently !! Hehe

I am a student University of Calabar Nigeria, am edikaikong is mostly what I eat in their restaurant. It delicious and well prepared.

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It looks good, I would do it, I love everything that has fish and seafood from the sea, an interesting tradition for brides.

onepercent #venezuela

22.03.2021 10:49

It looks delicious dear @wesley11! Thanks for sharing!!

24.03.2021 20:15

Thanks @belenguerra ... You are the best

25.03.2021 04:44