Rolling in some 3D scene renders

Some of my renders from the last year. Started to make compositions to pep the figures up whose were rendered with an transparent background. Still strifing for better lighting and details. The same time I have to see to keep render times and memory usage at low levels. A balance act not always easily mastered.

The first time I played with the Cheetah - it's been awhile and I still find the paws pretty amusing. :-)
Beautiful Forest with a Cheetah.png

A fast scene render from the modular room kit:
Modular Room Sample 1.png

Neiva, the snow elf, in the role as Sci-Fi Samurai flying through the scenes. Was a quickly made scene to impress a friend of mine. <3
Neiva Schneeelfe als SciFi Samurai Posed Cake and Bob wp.jpg

If you got curious you can see more render art by visiting my blog, where I post on a regular base. Have fun and enjoy!

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