Why would you NOT want to own a piece of STEEM history? You've only got 1500 chances...


This amazing piece of artwork is now the winning design for the 2019 #steemsilverround. The winning designer is a good friend and an incredibly talented steemian by the name of @edxserverus.

You see this isn't just a piece of art, this is a piece of art made out of the purest silver, only made possible through the power of steemit. The Steemit platform has made this possible and with out it there would be no #steemsilverround.

The #steemsilverround is the brainchild of another steemian @sevinwilson and to find out more about the history of the #steemsilverround click this LINK


For some, #steemit is a platform to be abused, to be manipulated for personal gains. For some, steemit is a home, a place they can call upon to vent, chat, discuss topics and make a difference.

I discovered #steemit back in mid/late 2017, through word of mouth. As a precious metals enthusiast ("stacker"), I was always looking for ways to spread the word on the benefits of having physical assets, especially silver. I wasn't the only "stacker" to have discovered steemit, you see, stackers have a tendency to unknowingly gravitate towards each other, and the steemit platform was perfect for us.


It wasn't long before we found each other, and so the #steemsilvergold community was born. Now I will admit I wasn't first to the party, but did the party really start till I showed up??

Anyways, I digress.... Where was I??

Ohh yes, the steemsilverround!

As a community of like minded individuals, we wanted a way to show the world the benefits of precious metals and to showcase our new found home in steemit. And so then#steemsilverround was born.


This was the 2017 winning design by @bearone. For me, personally, I couldn't think of a better design to combine and promote #steemit. It's a fantastic representation of the ecosystem here on steemit.

The cycle of redfish to minnow, dolphin and from orca to whale is perfectly captured in her circular design. Then surrounding them all, are different translations for the word "community". PERFECT!!


Then last year, we had this little "gem" come out as the winning design. The brainchild of some bloke called @welshstacker. His vision was to continue the original ideas brought forward by @bearone and expand them to show the growth of the steemit platform.

The round is called "communi-tree", a play on words obviously but sums his concept up perfectly. The tree of life represents growth, with redfish, minnows, dolphins, orcas and whales scattered throughout the foliage. The smaller fish found at the bottom, in more numbers and then as you work your way to the top, you find the whales and orcas.


So, if you believe in steemit and the steem blockchain as much as I do, then having these amazing pieces of steem history is a must.


This years #steemsilverround is brought to you thanks to the hard work of @raybrockman. He's secured all the silver and has been in contact with the Mint regularly. Pre-sales are up and running and you can buy yours by visiting the #STEEMSILVERROUND website HERE


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The itching has already begun. Surely the wait's almost over?

02.10.2019 09:17

It truley is a powerfly bootiful silver round

i love that design so steemish

i can only buy when steem is higher price tho

Im so glad i bought this when steem was $5

i have one for sale for $500 in any liquidable crypto its silver and lab diamonds and custom made

txt 619 302 0398 if interested

02.10.2019 10:03

Wow. Didn't know that kind of bling was kicking around.

02.10.2019 10:12

If you've got the "itch" may I suggest a visit to the doctors... - Mathew

02.10.2019 18:29

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02.10.2019 10:47

2 less available for some of that dirty fiat!

Screen Shot 20191002 at 2.35.46 PM.png

02.10.2019 11:38

Great effort @joshman. Thanks for the support and I hope you enjoy them.

02.10.2019 18:46

It looks delicious.

02.10.2019 11:40

It sure does. I can't wait to get mine. Hope you're getting some too??

02.10.2019 18:49

I should probably leave it for others if I'm just going to eat it...

03.10.2019 12:01

Good point! It would play havoc with your digestive system...

03.10.2019 19:19


04.10.2019 07:16

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Why thank you @goldcoin

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04.10.2019 07:16

Beautiful designs!

06.10.2019 18:42