The reasons why THIS design should be on the 2019 #steemsilverround


I would just like to take this opportunity to get across to you amazing folks, the reasons why I think this "simple" design would be the best fit for the 2019 #steemsilverround

Now I can't deny that there are some stand out designs this year. I'm sure he won't mind me name dropping, @edxserverus has pulled no punches this year and created a beautiful design, but please let me convince you why you should still chose my boring, simple design......


After the joy of finding out my design last year had been chosen for the 2018 #steemsilverround, myself and @sevinwilson worked hard to bring it to life. After speak to the mint and to their own design team, we quickly realised that I had included too much detail in the design and that it would NOT transfer over to a small 1oz round.

So I've purposefully kept my design simple this year. I say simple, but what I mean is not too intricate with too much going on. With a MIRRORED back ground the pheonix design will really POP!!!


The next reason why I think you should chose this design is because, as stackers, we do love a series and a running theme through our rounds/coins.

The "COMMUNITY-RISING" design, as I'm now calling it, obviously shows a Pheonix and this can symbolise many things to many people.

Whether it means rebirth and rising from the ashes, or just a new beginning and a change of direction.

It can also symbolise strength, I know I wouldn't want to pick a fight with one.....

It also represents FIRE and would be a fitting continuation to what I think are already 2 rounds in an ELEMENTAL series of rounds.


The 2017 design by @bearone clearly representing "WATER", with her use of sea creatures swimming in a circle. It captured the essence of steemit perfectly.

The 2018 design by me, @welshstacker, showing the tree of life and representing "EARTH". The tree represents growth and the foliage representing stages of steemit journey. The low lying minnows, out numbering the high reaching Whales at the top.


  • WATER ☑️
  • EARTH ☑️

Logically it has to be either fire or wind.....


And don't forget, there will be a chance to slightly alter any winning design. I'd still like to tweek a few things myself, but I'll keep them to myself for now and wait to see if this design gets chosen first.



Thats the easy bit. Head over to @raybrockman's blog and down in the comment section, simply upvote my entry, sorry I mean your favourite design:

I really do hope that this explanation of why I chose the design I did convinces you to pick it. This truly is a community coin, designed by members, picked by members for all of steemit.

Have a great day guys.


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18.07.2019 10:31

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18.07.2019 10:46

You are right, we love a theme, and yours is spot on. You are right also that "E" saved all of his talents through the 1st 2 rounds and laid it all on the table with his design this year. You are also right, that as beautiful as the detail is, some of it will not transfer over once the die is created to mint the round. One thing is for sure..... long live the Steem Round..

18.07.2019 13:18

It's getting tight at the top now. I thought I was in with a shout of winning, but now I'm thinking 3rd place for me. Lol

20.07.2019 21:29

I love this series.... and I am looking forward to the 2019 silver round!!!

18.07.2019 14:50

Can't wait to get my hands on a few regardless of who wins.

20.07.2019 21:23

I was wondering if this was even going to continue this year. Glad to see it's pushing forward.

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18.07.2019 15:55

Can I count on your vote... 😉 Hope you like the design? Lol

20.07.2019 21:26

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You just received a 100% upvote from @rewards-pool. Thank You for being apart of the @rewards-pool community

18.07.2019 16:21

All I know is you guys rock! No matter who wins we jave some epic talent in our community! Thanks for sharing!

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19.07.2019 02:19

Cheers DW. There really are some amazi g people on our little, old community

20.07.2019 21:21